Monday, 9 April 2018

Review | Hape Happy Hour Clock


When I was younger, I had a slight obsession with numbers and time, when I say slight I mean major, if someone said we'd be doing something in 5 minutes, i'd be staring at my forever friends watch until it had been exactly 5 minutes then i'd start hassling again, I liked my routine, I liked knowing when things would be happening and I needed things to run on time.

So it was inevitable that Abbie was going to pick up on this trait too, her world reminds me exactly of how mine was at her age, she wants to know how long until everything is happening, and as parents we all casually say things like "2 minutes" "Later" or "Tomorrow" but just like me, she likes to know specifics so I decided it was the perfect time to get her, her very own clock, and despite only having it for a week or so, she's picked up on it so fast. This one is from the well known brand Hape, who are the world's largest producer of wooden toys, they pride themselves on being environmentally friendly, being dependant on natural resources, including an entire bamboo line and have even thought about their production in terms of keeping energy consumption to a minimum, it's always nice knowing you're helping the environment!

This Happy Hour Clock is colourful and educational, perfect for children aged 3 years and older. The Clock consists of 13 pieces. Sticking with a restricted colour range of 4 colours, red, blue, yellow and green, the toy is not overwhelming and keeps the entertainment of learning. The clock has a big smiley face and easy portable pieces that children can take out of the base. It helps teaches time, like hours and minutes along side learning about numbers and colours. With the movable clock hands help your child understand the differences with hours, minutes, o’clock and half past. Developing their recognition skills and differentiation skills.

All their toys go through a rigorous testing regime, including the bite test, small parts test and sharp point test to ensure everything is suitable for your child, whatever their age.

When it came to taking these photos, we sat down and I asked her to show me random times on the clock, such as 4.10, 6.30, 12.55 etc, and although she'd only had it for a week, she was already able to complete those with ease. What I love is that when she asks me what the time is, I can already point to the clock in the living room and ask her what she thinks it is and she's able to tell me, she will then come back over to this clock and match the time up. If I say 5 minutes until something, I will show her what the clock on the wall will look like when time is up, and she recognises it, she absolutely loves it! The next step in a few weeks will be to teach her about quarter past, half past etc, something I think will be a little trickier but with what she's learned so far, so quickly, think she will pick it up with great ease!

The Hape Happy Hour Clock has dimensions (LWH) of 30 x 30 x 3.6 cm and cost is £13.99 from Amazon


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Spring Bedroom Makeover

As i've got older, i've become increasingly over excited by the concept of ordering new bedding, and the older I get, the more I look forward to getting into bed each night and just going to bloody sleep! But we all know that wonderful feeling of clean fresh bedding, the pure excitement of making up the bed ready for that night, the scent of the washing powder, we've probably lit a few candles, popped on the fairy lights and purposely tidied the room to within an inch of its life, we then share a photo on Instagram and share with our followers about how the bedding is clean, to be met with like minded individuals who share the same strange feeling of joy.

We all remember being nagged to clean our rooms and make our beds, it seemed like such a chore back then, but now I see it as a challenge to see just how crease free and cosy I can make the actual bed, how many cushions I can add without it looking over the top then once it's all finished, consider a new job in home interiors, and hopefully all those years of playing The Sims as a teenager will finally pay off! There's actually a great scene in Along Came Polly about decorative cushions, I urge you to watch it, it's relatable, and yet I still add a shed ton of them to my bed anyway!

Anyway, onto the actual review, I received these gorgeous bits from JD Williams a few weeks ago, I've always known of their clothing but never even knew they had a whole homeware range, which has very quickly become my new favourite online store, i'm eyeing up their bobble bath mats at the moment because i'm in desperate need of some new ones!
The first item I chose for the bedroom was this beautiful waffle duvet set, I like to keep my bedding simple and white just seems to brighten up the entire room, I will admit to have ironed this before putting it on, I mean the OCD kicked in because it was for this review specifically but also, it looks SO much nicer all smooth and crease free, ahhh.

I washed and tumbled dried the set before making the bed and it all came out beautifully, and I loved how it felt, you know there are some duvet covers and pillowcases that just feel a bit thin, a bit meh, this is such high quality, the waffle detailing instantly adds that little touch of luxury that you'd find with one of those posh spa robes, and the adorable little buttons details give it an almost nautical feel, I couldn't be happier with it!

I paired it with this beautiful dusty pink throw for the end of the bed which has quickly been stolen by Abbie when she's been poorly the past week or so, it's the perfect addition throughout the year and nice and cool and cosy to go over you as the weather heats up (it's going to isn't it?). It measures 150x200cm and fit perfectly on the king sized bed, it also comes in Cream, Duck Egg & Grey, and has matching cushions available too!

What's the point in ordering new bedding without also ordering some more decorative cushions? I went for these felt & gold ones to compliment the rest of the room, I'm a sucker for anything gold at the moment, I have some photoshoots coming up and they all have elements of it! These just add that little modern finish with a geometric touch, they are exactly how you want a cushion to be, cosy, soft & super comfy! OH and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on their cushions too!

I'm so impressed with all three of these products, the quality is so beautiful and luxurious, instantly the bedroom looked ready for Spring with just a few simple changes, I couldn't be any happier! And now i'm about to be that person I spoke about at the top of this post (minus the tea lights because i'm actually going to fall straight to sleep as soon as my head hits that pillow!). Hope you all have a great nights sleep and I will be back next week for a new post! Sweet dreams. x

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Snow Day!

I really do love my little country, we are notoriously known for our incredible sense of humour when it comes to the weather, we are famous for the rain, and we know that, it's cool, so when we get a couple of flecks of snow, we can't contain our excitement. HOWEVER, in the space of a week, not only have we experienced a sodding Earthquake (4.2 on the richter scale i'll have you know), the house shook and everything (slightly, but still), but over the past few days, it SNOWED, and not just a little bit of snow, a RED LEVEL WARNING amount of snow, i'm talking blizzard conditions, calf deep, actually able to make a snowman or ten conditions! It's been wonderful!

So in true British style, the Memes have been out in full force, the shops have had stampedes of people bulk buying bread and milk just incase we end up having to stay indoors for the next 6 months, I even popped down to my local cafe yesterday for some chocolate cake and they were bloody closed! THIS is the sort of hysteria that is unnecessary if you ask me..

I won't lie, I really love the snow, I love it from a Photographers point of view, everywhere looks so beautiful and calm, pretty much every photo looks good too, I also love it from a parents point of view, Abbie is loving playing in it, she's singing all the snow songs known to man as she kicks the stuff everywhere, although she's not so keen on the sprays of snow the wind keeps throwing at her face, but we embrace the MAYHEM! She's wrapped up all snug and warm, resembling that of the Michelin Man once all layers are completed. All the kids on the street head out and have snowball fights and the parents get involved, which means I also finally get to finally meet said neighbours after only living here for 7 years..well done snow.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, there have been people in my town who have literally been skiing down the slopes and paths and having a jolly ol' time, strangers are talking to each other as they walk around, everyone chatting about the weather and so many people actually out playing in it, local facebook groups are offering 4x4 cars to help strangers get to work and even some offering hot food and drinks free of charge, I always feel a sense of community when it snows, it really is quite lovely!

I know the snow is a nuisance to some, and I understand, but for me, i'm enjoying the break from normality and taking in the extra day and a half i've had with Abbie being off school and we are enjoying ourselves!

I shall leave you with a couple of photos from the past few days, hope you've all had a great week and have a great weekend! :)

Monday, 15 January 2018

A Busy Weekend!


Hope you've all had a great start to the year so far! January really is the slowest month ever don't you think? I still have absolutely no idea what day or date it is at the moment, i'm hoping as soon as February comes I'll be right back on track again!

On Saturday I finally finished up on my re-designed Photography website, it's a much more simplified and classic look, easier to navigate and just all round more professional! I offer my services for Wedding Photography, Portraits, Family Shoots, Pregnancy Announcements, Engagement Shoots & even Lifestyle & Fashion posts for other fellow bloggers! Head on over for a little nosy if you fancy it, I can offer a 15% discount on anything if you mention you've seen this post ;)

On Sunday, I headed over to a lovely little wedding show to take some photos, I always love mingling with other wedding suppliers, it's such a lovely community to be a part of! This how literally has everything from ombre wedding cakes to clay pigeon shooting, two things on the complete polar end of the spectrum right? It fascinates me all the new traditions people are adding to their big day nowadays, I feel as though wedding's are really becoming less samey samey and more unique, last year I shot a pre styled wedding shoot and we used smoke bombs with our lovely couple, they really do add that stamp of speciality to your day! I've popped a couple of photos below that i've managed to edit so far..

After getting some shots there, we popped over to The Lounges restaurant for a bite to eat, i've mentioned their food in my previous Veganuary post, they cater for EVERYONE, with a gluten free & vegan menu too, where literally everything sounds delicious! We both opted for the sweet potato & falafel ciabatta with coleslaw & my favourite drink of all, Elderflower! This was probably the most filling bread i've ever had, but that didn't stop us from buying some yummy treats from the local health food shop/cafe!

I'm a little bit obsessed with the whole "era inspired" places at the moment, this shop in particular literally makes you feel like you've stepped into a time machine and ended up back in the 70's, with rustic crates, beautifully laid out solid wood shelves, wooden baskets full of local fruit & veg, as well as homemade salads, pastries, bread & my most favourite chocolates of all, Booja Booja! (Almond & Sea Salt Caramel in particular).

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Speak soon!

Saturday, 30 December 2017



Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Pretty sure i've set myself up to never be hungry again after the past few days..anyone else?

For the past year i've been dipping in and out of being Vegan, i've thoroughly enjoyed trying out alternatives for some of my usual favourites foods, some have been amazing, some not so much, but it's all been trial and error! But with Veganuary coming up in a few days I wanted to dive in and just go for it properly now, to be honest the only thing i'm going to really miss is the cheese, but with some yummy alternatives i've found like cashew cheese (seriously, incredible), I no longer have the excuse! Ive loved reading about all the new vegan options in supermarkets over the past few months, I know from past personal experience of seeing any kind of "fad", people tend to roll their eyes and make some sort of negative comment (I was one of those people). The main reason for doing this really is for myself, I've never been the biggest dairy products fan anyway, and I became a Vegetarian a couple of years ago now too and never went back. I won't be one of those who preaches my lifestyle and tries to make everyone join me, because that's really not my way, plus Veganism really isn't for everyone either! I also don't agree with the way in which the animals are treated, sure it's not every dairy farmer, granted, but still the whole system just isn't something I feel comfortable with anymore.

I'll be documenting some of my meals across the week until the end of the month, just to give an idea of what I'll be preparing and cooking, as well as some of my favourite sweet treats i've tried and tested throughout this year, just a little side note, vegan ice cream seriously IS better than any dairy ice cream i've ever eaten, and I was the biggest Ben & Jerry's fan there ever was!

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the new year, have you made any resolutions? I have a whole bunch! Will probably share those in another post! If you're interested in starting your journey, even if you just try it for a few weeks and decide it's not for you, why not give it a go anyway! Click here for all the information you need!

For now i'll leave you with some of the amazing meals i've tried over the year out and about, along with where and what's inside! Hope you have a fab evening tomorrow celebrating the new year, i'm definitely back to blogging now (she says for the third time this year), but it's one of my resolutions so i'm determined!

THIS was one of the best vegan meals I've ever had. I came to the award winning Green Rocket Cafe for my birthday this year and their menu never fails to amaze me, I've tried a range of different things but this was easily my favourite. Not only do they offer vegan options, but can cater for a range of different dietary requirements, oh and don't leave without at least admiring their beautiful homemade vegan cakes on the main desk!

What is it?
Raw Courgette Spaghetti Bolognese Salad with a marinated walnut and sundried tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes, chopped olives and either marinated tofu, feta, cashew cheese or Halloumi.
It was my first time ever trying cashew cheese and I wasn't convinced just looking at it, but oh my goodness, it was dreamy, nothing like I imagined it would taste like, it's quite grainy, but packed full of so much flavour, it's since became my favourite cheese and my go to option when I'm craving my usual cheddar! Although the cheese was the star of the show, the entire meal was divine, I destroyed the entire thing, and half the sweet potato fries AND a slice of chocolate orange torte! (What? It was my Birthday!). For the full menu, click here and have a little nosey!

My second favourite meal from Green Rocket is their incredible Vegan Roast Dinner, it is BY FAR, the best roast dinner i've ever had, i've since taken friends and family there who have all been in complete awe (even non-veggie friends). The meal consists of a super nutty nut roast, perfectly seasoned and packed full of so many different flavours, parsnips, carrots, kale, cabbage, roast potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce and a little sprig of chive for decoration on top, the gravy that comes with it is thin and has elements of every part of this dinner combined, it is so filling and so pretty to look at too, if you've never tried a vegan roast dinner before, please go here, it will not let you down!

The first time I tried this burger I was over in Dorset, The Lounges are a "cool" (feel like i'm too old to use that word nowadays), chain of restaurants across the UK, with quirky interior style, mismatched furniture and a whole array of artwork on the walls, the menu's are amazing, with a regular menu, gluten-free and vegan menu, there's something for everyone. I've been in there for breakfast and for lunch, both of which have been just delicious!

Obviously my favourite item is this incredible Sweet Potato & Falafel burger, with red onion, beetroot hummus, spinach, tomato & gherkins in a sourdough bun, served with fries & vegan slaw! This entire meal is so flavoursome, so colourful and actually pretty darn good for you! The prices for everything on their menu are so reasonable, i'll admit that eating out when you're vegan/vegetarian can be pricier, but this is actually cheaper than the regular burger on the menu, so well done The Lounges! I'm lucky to have one fo these just down the road from me, although also dangerous because I just want to go in and eat this everrrry time! For a full look at all their wonderful menus, click here!

Who said Vegan food was dull and boring? :)

Thursday, 12 October 2017

First Choice Lighting Review

Afternoon all!
Hope you're having a great week so far! Things have been bloody hectic over the past few months to say the least, I swear time seems to just disappear the older you get! Wasn't it just Summer?
Today I actually have a little review to share, I used to write a lot of these a few years back and actually I'm excited to get back into the swing of things!

So with Autumn now setting in (my favourite season ever), I have the urge to decorate and get cosy, i'm talking cosy knit jumpers, far too many hot chocolates, walks in the woods and completely changing the colour scheme from Summer tones to Autumn tones. With help from the lovely team over at First Choice Lighting, i've set up this absolutely gorgeous and super autumnal, floor lamp. Complete with plant pot at the base, beautiful toned leaves filled with the natural progression of autumn colours, the greens, through to the yellows, oranges and reds. All tied together with 50 LED lights, for that added sparkle and warm night in feeling.
It really does make the room pop, as soon as you walk in you are greeted with the splash of colour, the delicate yet magical sparkle the lights give you, just light your favourite pumpkin spice candle, snuggle under your blanket and you're all set for a relaxing evening in.

You might have also seen the lovely Zoella sporting a very similar piece of lighting in her recent Autumn Homeware Haul video, I have a feeling these are going to be the centrepiece of a lot of peoples homes this year!

First Choice Lighting currently have an incredible sale on, with up to 85% off across a range of styles, from bathroom lighting, to children's lights right up to outdoor lighting too! Looking for wall lights? Floor lamps? Chandeliers? Desk Lamps? They have all of this for you, and more, all under one website. So if you're going all out this year, be it for Autumn itself or for Halloween, check out their outdoor lighting section for a whole bunch of inspiration on how to create your perfect outdoor space/spooky trick or treat area for the family! I have created a little mood board below of some of my favourite items from their website for you to nose at, which is your favourite?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Number 2 is currently on sale for just £29.99, reduced down from £57, so go grab yourself a bargain!

And now onto the pictures of the tree light itself, isn't it just so pretty?
I'll be using it now every single year, as soon as the first leaf falls from the tree ☕🍁🍂🍃🍄🌲

Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Random One

Hello all and Happy Thursday!
I thought i'd just write up a little update here of my goings on recently...
Firs of all, I have an exciting photoshoot booked in for next week, so the last few weeks have been all about planning and preparing for it, on Wednesday I headed over to Regent's in Salisbury with the shoots organiser Laura for one of our models fittings. The clothing in here is just exquisite, and that's really not a word I throw around lightly, I even said if I was a man i'd want to shop in there for my whole wardrobe 🙈

The shop reaches up 3 floors high, including womenswear and all the accessories you would ever need, they're even cool enough to be having their own bar installed! After having a good idea in our minds of what we wanted, plus trying on a couple of different bits and pieces, we found the perfect outfit and now I'm even more excited for next week to come around! As soon as I can, I will be sharing photos on here, but for now here are a few shots from the shop itself!

A few months ago I started the process of going blonde, something i've wanted to do for YEARS, I actually think I wrote it in my 15 facts about me post, so I guess I can cross that off now! I decided to go for a balayage after watching far too many youtube videos, reading so many blog posts and spending more than enough time looking through inspiration on Pinterest! I couldn't believe how light it became after just one session, I think it really helped based on my hair hasn't been dyed before. So earlier this month I went back for my second go, and my goodness did the bleach take to my hair well again! So below I leave you with a couple of photos before and after!

I then headed over to a friends house for the day, I swear she has the most Instagram worthy living I've ever seen, how awesome are her shelves? I love random little decor items like these!
We grabbed some lunch from the local health food store, a delicious vegan sandwich followed by a vegan rocky road slice *drools*

She also introduced me to the chocolate bar Vego, have you tried it? I'll be honest, the name put me off a little bit, why can't they name it something less obviously vegan? 🙈 Let me tell you, this bar is a LIFE CHANGER, I haven't eaten milk chocolate for a long time but if you're transitioning to Vegan or just want to try something new, imagine smashing together Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, and I bring you Vego, it is just dreamy, I came home and instantly ordered a bunch and even popped out earlier to grab some more 🙈

On another day I headed over to Devon to see my Sister and her family, and met my gorgeous 3 week old nephew for the first time too! You kinda forget how tiny babies are until you meet a brand new one again don't you? I remember when I was younger and someone would ask if I wanted to hold their baby, I became one of those memes of someone instantly panicking..but I think after having your own you quickly learn, then you just never lose that touch! So I got lots of cuddles, and also got to catch up with everyone again! Oh and as a side note, M&S do Vegan sandwiches, which are AMAZING, I know thats a little boring but it's worth a mention! 😜

Another super exciting event happened, I now have 2 new lenses to add to the family! For so long i've been researching for some new ones to play around with, and really needed some with a good wide aperture for indoor shots, so went with the 20mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.8, i've already taken far too many test shots but holy crap are they incredible, I could write paragraphs about them but maybe i'll just write up a review after my shoot! I'll leave you with those for now, and I will be back for another update very soon! Jess x

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