Sunday, 26 May 2013

Baby Bjorn High Chair Review

You've probably all heard of the brand Baby Bjorn before, they're well known for their amazing products including baby carriers, bouncers, high chairs & carry cots etc!

We were very kindly sent the high chair for review and I cannot express how much we love it!

Unlike a lot of highchairs on the market today, there were only a few parts in the box, so no need to fiddle around with screws, levers, 10 different buttons etc. It literally took me about a minute to set up, seriously, just attach the legs, move a few things around and ta-da! The instructions were laid out simply and clearly which was amazing too!

I was a little concerned about there being no harness to keep Abbie in, but it has a special safety table which keeps your little one secure which closes with a 2 step lock!

The shape is specially designed to hug baby body and keep them sitting up comfortably. Despite my original concerns as the anxious mummy I am, I felt so confident after seeing her in it, she looks happy, secure and safe :). I love the design, simple, sleek & modern, perfect!

It is recommended that this high chair is used from when baby can sit up unsupported, anywhere from around 6 months up to 3 years old!

Smart Safety Lock
 The foldout table functions as safety lock and keeps your child securely seated without a harness

Detachable tray
Easy to keep clean, with smooth surfaces and a detachable tray that can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher

It is made from plastic and painted steel, free from PVC, BPA. Phthalates, Cadmium, Lead, Bromine & Chlorine! What's better is that it's also completely recyclable!

Never leave your child unattended
Always hold your child firmly when you lift him or her in and our of the chair too!

I cannot recommend this enough, it's just perfect in every way, from it's simple but modern design to the easiness of putting it together! We couldn't be happier :)

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