Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Getting Through The First Cold..

The first cold...if you're anything like me, being a new mummy I didn't know how Abbie was going to react, I didn't know what I needed, what was it going to be like? She got her first cold when she was about 4 months old..snotty nose, cough, congested..poor thing, she was pretty good though, took her naps as normal just wanted more comfort boob, she would have a few coughs then go back to sleep! The nights weren't great..she would cry in her sleep, not actually open her eyes but just to say, hey mum, I feel crappy can you cuddle me? This was the only time we had to take her out in the car at night to get her to sleep, she'd gotten herself into a pickle and nothing was soothing her, 20 seconds in the car and she was gone! Luckily, there are things which really can help, speak to your doctor or hv before you use any of the products below, I used all of these and they helped us personally, I am in no way trained or qualified to give medical advice, but these are what was recommended to me :)

First things first, check baby's temperature, a normal temp is around 36-37 degrees C..anything above that is considered a temperature..check it through the day to keep an eye out too

I remember having this when I was younger, it helps bring down their temperature and soothes gentle pains such as sore throats, cold symptoms and teething, make sure to check the dosage before using! 

Amazing, just like vicks vapour rub, this is specially for babies, just without the harsh smell, rub a small amount of baby's chest, back and also on the soles of their feet (yes really) it'll really help to decongest and helps them to breathe easier! Better yet, it's completely natural too!

A good old bath will help lots too, with the gentle aroma of the vapour and the warmth of the water, your baby will relax and it may even make them sleepy! :)

Ok, I'll be honest, I was petrified to use this on Abbie, I'd hate to have something sprayed up my nose I got Ben to try it first and it actually made him feel better too! Aside from trying to keep Abbie's head still without her developing a fear of us when she's older, she reacted in just blinking when it sprayed, then out came the snot, dripping to be truthful, but that's exactly what is needed! 

Another thing I did was when running my own bath, I'd sit her in the bathroom with me, the steam from the hot water helps wonderfully! Also  don't google it! You will turn into an anxious mess (as I learnt) speak to friends, family and more importantly a doctor or hv if you are concerned in any way!
Lots of love and cuddles is a necessity too, you may find they're clingy too, just give them extra attention and try and take their mind off it by playing around, going for a walk etc, it will be over in less than 2 weeks (sounds like a long time but it passes quickly). I think it definitely helped us that we co sleep with Abbie, she could feel me and comfort feed all she wanted, knowing I was right there :).

Do you have any tips or advice on how to get through their first cold?

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  1. We used and still use Karvol capsules at night when Cameron has a cold. We put it on a tissue out of reach. I hope Abbie feels better soon and I hope you all don't come down with it.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop. Hope to see you again this week

    Laura x x x

  2. I didn't even know calpol did a nasal spray! My Abby has been so bunged up, which has been making it hard for her to feed. So yesterday I went in search for it and omg it's a life saver! I really thought she'd hate it but she didn't even care. It made last night much more bearable so THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. Awww you are so welcome! Glad you had a better night! Poor Abby, must feel lots better now :) xx


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