Monday, 26 August 2013

Bakerdays Cake Review

With Abbie's birthday coming up fast, we have been looking at getting her a special personalised cake, we were then contacted by the fab company called BakerDays! They are situated at Sherwood Forest & produce delicious cakes for just about any occasion, from Birthday's to Anniversary's or Thank Yous to Congratulations, all of which can be personalised and designed in your very own way. They are perfect for me as I'm not exactly Delia Smith when it comes to baking, i tend to overcook them or in the case of cookies, burn them..hmm, this way I can still get everything I require but at the hands of experts for that perfect cake!

The packaging was perfect, everything was secure and compact, the cake was placed delicately & snugly in a pretty yellow tin with instructions on how to remove the cake from the box without damaging it too, which is such a great touch!

The Design
We chose a pretty black Victorian design with pink roses and a large butterfly on top, the design was exactly how it was on the photo, if not better quality! The cake itself smelt so delicious, if I didn't have to stop to take photo's of it, it would've been gone in 5 seconds!

Upon cutting the cake it was smooth and easy, the thickness of the icing was perfect, it was moist and fluffy, delicate and light, which fortunately for you, means you can eat more than you usually would, there's nothing more annoying than a delicious cake that makes you feel sick  afterwards, which you then end up regretting even eating, with this you can treat yourself but feel great about it too, ha!

We were sent the cute letterbox cake, which is a small celebration cake for just one or two people, or even for a small gathering or party for the little ones. It' also a perfect way to say thank you or as a special gift :) or why not even treat yourself, and don't feel guilty about eating the whole thing either (I had half) :).

In all honesty, this was actually the scrummiest cake I have EVER eaten, everything was just perfect, if it wasn't for the fact I needed ben's opinion on it too, I would've happily eaten the whole thing! Ha. I will definitely be getting any future cakes from here!

So if you're looking for a special cake for a special occasion, I cannot recommend them enough, 5/5 stars easily!
It's as simple as this...

 You can also choose from the following fillings;
Sponge cake
Fruit cake
Choc chip sponge
Gluten & wheat free

Prices start from £14.99 & go up to £69 for an extra large cake which can serve between 40-55 portions! 

BakerDays can also deliver to any address in the UK. You don't need to be near us, we come to you! If you order before 2pm you can opt to receive your order the very next working day. For those who have a bit more time, we also offer free delivery.
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  1. That that cake looks so good! I have been thinking of some for Maxs bday that is coming up!

  2. Just found you via the Blog PR group on FB, really great looking blog, I am a new follower


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