Saturday, 7 September 2013

Filofax Review

I'm one of those people who has to be organised, I like to plan my day and know exactly what I'm doing so I can plan ahead and prepare! When it came to writing my blog I would get so many ideas about what to write about then completely forget about it within a few hours, I needed something that I could jot them into so I would remember them!

We were recently sent a product from the Filofax range, I decided to go for the Original Filofax, in my favourite colour, yellow! It's bright, summery but also great for all year round! 

I think everyone in the world knows who Filofax are, they are the original company in stationary, dating back to the First World War! Yes really! The first personal organiser had developed from a simple loose leaf diary and notebook Into an indespensible organised and status symbols for the 80's, being sold in countries around the globe from Paris to Japan!

Not only do they sell THE original personal organiser but also pens, bags & briefcases, leather accessories, maps, folders & folios and also diary refills! So you can never run out of pages! :). I'm such a stationary enthusiast, I used to love buying new pencil cases and journals etc for the new school term, colourful gel pens, fountain pens, pencils, the lot, id get so excited!! Ha. 

Fluoro Orange
Fluoro pink
Patent fuchsia
Patent purple
Original yellow
Standard green

If you speak stationary then you'll understand my excitement at the below...

Contacts sheet
1-6 coloured index
Ruled Notepaper
Plan paper
Quadrille paper
Blue ruled
Green ruled
Pink ruled
Zip lock envelope
To-do sheets
Jot pad (perfect for shopping lists)
Ring mechanism
2 x card slots
1 x pocket
1 x elastic holder
2 x elastic pen hoops

Thick leather with gel popper cap on the closure strap

How do you stay organised?


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tommee Tippee Weaning Review

We were recently sent a few items from Tommee Tippee to review, ever since we started weaning abbie at 6 months we’ve used their products so was very excited to try out some more bits!
The first item we were sent was the amazing Explora magic mat, it is a silicone mat which sticks onto the highchair tray, there is a suction tab which you push your plate or bowl firmly onto and it stops it from being thrown around, no more flying saucers! Yay! Abbie tends to go straight for the bowl and tips it over herself and the floor, before giving me a cheeky grin and giggle to get away with it...hmmm. The mat also comes in lime green, blue & orange!

The second item we were sent was the section plates, suotable from 12+ months, we really wanted to get some of these as Abbie is very quickly turning into a toddler and starting to eat lots more, the 3 sections give us the opportunity to introduce new food without merging the flavours together, because let's face it, spaghetti bolognese doesn't go too well with banana dessert...  


  • 2 x plates per pack
  • Keep different food types separate
  • 3 easy-scoop sections
  • Work with Magic Mat
  • Dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe
  • Suitable for babies 12 months+ 
  • BPA-free

Again, they come in different colours too!

The third item we received were the Explora Feeding Spoons! They are specially designed with a big chunky handle for an easy grip for those little hands, plus a wide spoon base to easily scoop up and hold food in place, perfect for encouraging them to feed themselves too! Abbie has just started being interested in feeding herself and this has really helped her to become more confident!

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When did you start the weaning process?

Monday, 2 September 2013

Nabby Baby Monitor Review

We were recelty contacted by the company Nabby, who have devleoped a brand new and innovative baby monitor which is compatiable with iphones, ipads, tablets and android phones!

'At Nabby, we're parents ourselves, we've been there, choosing the right baby monitor to help us stay close to our little one. We've been in contact with more than a thousand parents who echo the same complaints, feeling lost in a jingle of complicated devices, signal interference and mile long product manuals. We want a simple and safe product that always works. That's why we've developed Nabby for your smartphone.'

The packaging was superb, small, sturdy & organised! A white magnetic square box with all the details you need on the back, a little card inside with picture instructions on how to use too, put simply & to the point! Inside there are 3 sections, one section for the monitor, one for the charger lead & one for the wrist strap!

My first impression was how small it was, I'm so used to bulky monitors, with miles of leads packed inside, I think I actually said  out loud 'awww it's so cute" ha. It fit in the palm of my hand snugly and looks sleek and modern in Abbie's nursery! I love that it's wireless too, gives me a sense of ease knowing she can't grab the wires and pull it down!


The worlds lowest radiation 

Most monitors have a very high level, especially video and wi fi solutions, nabby have even set the new world record using just 0.08mW!

No signal interference
A common problem with other monitors is signal interferece, which whilst it can be entertaining, you just want to be able to hear YOUR child (or not as the positive case would be). Nabby skips the bust channels to avoid other sounds and signals, meaning you can rest happy knowing your little one is fast asleep :)

70 hour battery life
this is my favourite feature, not only because it's super easy to charge in any USB outlet but because once it's all charged up, you don't have to woerry about it running down quikl or during the night! And even if it does run low, it will alert you!

Long range
Nabby is attentively listening up to 370 yards away in line of sight. That means it can reach from one end of your house to the other.

Sound sensitivity
Each baby is unique, and they cry different too. Some hardly makes any sound, others babble, while a certain lot like to scream when they wake. That’s why we’ve made sure you can adjust the sound sensitivity according to your child’s behaviour.

You can continue to use your phone, whether it's playing games or checking Facebook. The connection to your Nabby is always there, and ready to interrupt you with an alert.

Simply charge up the Nabby monitor using your laptop or computer, wait for the green light to appear on the diode to show you it's full, turn your bluetooth on, download the Nabby app on your smartphone & search for the device and there you have it! Crystal clear sound and with the ability to download extra features including checking the temperature of your babys room, a sleep timer to show how long your baby has slept and tracks all sleep periods! Listen now! which gives you the ability to listen in to your baby whenever you want, seperately they are £4.99 but if you buy them altogether, it's only £0.69! 

I cannot recommend this monitor enough, it ticks every box we were looking for & is cute and compact for taking away on holiday with you too!

Order your own Nabby Monitor here
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