Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lollipop Lane Review!

We were recently contacted by the lovely company Lollipop Lane, they provide you with gorgeous baby bits, from nursery furniture to blankets, toys to bath accessories, everything you need for your little one, made using only the best quality materials!

The website itself is pretty and elegant, with pastel colours all around to give a neutral feel, it is simple to use and laid out beautifully! Ordering was easy (choosing what I wanted wasn't, I wanted everything...) hehe! Each item has a detailed description, including materials, size, price & age, everything you need to know before ordering your product. The checkout experience again was smooth and fast, with different payment choices available to suit everyone!

I was sent a confirmation email of my order straight away as well as a text and email when they had been dispatched (I ordered late on a Friday & it was dispatched Monday), plus I was sent regular updates to let me know the date and time to expect my delivery, in my case it was October 15th 10.39-11.39 which was arranged to be delivered to my neighbour as we weren't in at the time, it was delivered at 10:58am safe and sound!

Now onto the products.. 

The first item we chose was the Upsy Daisy Cuddle Robe set, which includes a super soft hooded towel with cute ears attached too, perfect from newborn up to around 3 years! Abbie usually hates being swaddled, except when it comes to bathtime, she will lay still to be wrapped up all snug and warm and well, she looks so blimmin adorable! :) There is also a wash mitt included too, which lathers really well and is super gentle on babies skin!

Next we chose 'The Prickles & Twoo knitted blanket' a beautiful cosy blanket for your little bundle,suitable for pram, moses basket and crib. I loved the design of this blanket, it was pretty, girly and looked so snug! We are using it in her co-sleeper at the moment but when she moves into her own bed, it'll be perfect too! Plus with winter closing in quickly, it will be super snuggly in her pushchair :)

The third item we chose was the cellular knitted blanket, in a warm buttermilk colour, it is beautifully made with each stitch perfectly sewn, we have used it in Abbie's pushchair to keep her warm instead of her cosy toes as it's not that cold yet, but we will definitely be using it all through winter whenever we are out and about too! :). It's perfect for every season too, thin enough for the summer but thick enough when nicely folded to keep them toasty and warm, the size is perfect from newborn up to even 3 years as it's nice and large! Oh and it's fun to play peek a boo underneath it as Abbie learnt :)

Overall I would have to rate my whole Lollipop Lane experience as exceptional! From the beautiful collections to the organisation of the website itself, the quick delivery & regular updates, right up to the packaging of the products and the superb quality of them too! Perfect service from step 1! If you're looking for stunning products for all areas of your little ones life, I cannot recommend them enough!

5 out of 5 stars!

Visit the Lollipop Lane website and get your little one off to the best start in life!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Ant Design Gifts Guest Post!

Growing from just ‘Him & Her’ to ‘Him, Her & Baby’ is an indescribable transition.  Fabulous? Magical? Scary?
I found that it took us time to adjust and then baby number two came along quickly (a bit too quickly!).  Whilst going through all that chaos, I decided to add more mayhem to our world and started designing and creating papercuts.  It allowed me to use my skills as a graphic designer, utilised my love of making things and gave me the flexibility to take care of things at home.  As the kids got older, I devoted more time to developing my business and I now run this full time.

Many of my papercut designs are created to celebrate the birth of a baby.  These designs are personalised with the name of the baby, birth date as well as birth weight and time of birth. I also have designs that suit other occasions: weddings, families, anniversaries, valentines, mothers day and fathers day.  

I take my time making sure each design results in a piece of art that you will love for many years.  With each papercut being totally bespoke to the individual family, it becomes something that is totally unique.

Recently, I further developed my range of products - I produce art prints that use the papercut design style - they still offer all the flexibility of personalisation with the added advantage of a choice of 30 different colours and two different sizes.

I am now also looking at producing canvas art which will soon be appearing on my website. Here are my 3 top sellers, again all of which can be personalised to suit you!

1 / 2 / 3
I hope you enjoy my work as much I as love making it!
I am offering all Our Baby Blog readers 20% off until October 20th too, just use code babyblog20!
Kashmira, Ant Design Gifts

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Joolz Pushchair Review

When you find out you're expecting, you immediately think of the things you need, Moses basket, cot, nappies, clothes etc etc, one of the hardest things to choose is the pram, what make is best? What style do I need? Shall I get a second hand one or buy new? How much shall I spend? What features am I looking for etc......ill be honest, I looked around and got so stressed with the choices that I gave up looking, we were then given one second hand when Abbie was born, so we used that..we had been looking for a new pushchair for Abbie now that shes toddling about and wants to see the world...we were then contacted by a company called Joolz, I'd not heard of them before, and to this day I can't quite understand why..I immediately fell in love with the design just by looking at the website..

There's just something about this brand that makes me excited, it could be the sleekness, the gorgeous design or even the simplicity of it, I genuinely believe this is the pram every mother needs! You should've seen my face when it arrived..I was like a child at Christmas! Jumping up and down and everything...ha. My first impression was how gorgeous it was, it was easy to put together and didn't take too long at all! It's just beautiful, from the nifty storage basket to the leather handlebars..

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Gorgeous design
  • Large magnetic secured shopping bag
  • Easily adjustable (foot rest, handlebars & tilt)
  • Comes with carry cot
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy and strongGreat on all terrains
  • Grows with your baby
  • Easy to clean
  • Has suspension
  • Option to have fixed wheels
I think the only con I have with this is that it is rather bulky and large, which means it takes up a bit of room when you're not using it, but it really is a small price to pay for all the pros it has..
From the first day I tried it I just knew it was a special pushchair, sounds cheesy I know! It is so sleek and stylish, much different from any i've ever seen before..

So there you have it! Our review on the wonderful Joolz pushchair, if you're looking for a stylish, modern, sturdy, beautifully designed and superbly crafted pushchair, here you have it..Joolz! Everything you could possibly need and want all in one!

Read on to find out more about them..

Something completely unique Joolz have created are special 'All terrain wheels' which come with the Joolz Day pushchair, with bigger front wheels to prepare you for any journey, from dry sand through to muddy puddles, your baby now technically has his/her own 4x4 now! Ha.

"Walking on rough terrain, in nature or in snow with a pushchair can be stressful for young parents. Rough roads can turn a short trip easily into a real challenge. To make it easier for parents and even more comfortable for the child, Joolz developed the new All terrain wheels. Walking on a rough terrain or snow is still comfortable when the Joolz Day is equipped with the new All terrain wheels because the large front wheels offer stability and driving comfort under these tougher conditions for parents and child."

INTRODUCING: Joolz Day Studio!

"Crafted with beautiful details and designed for a romantic stroll at the boulevard, the new Joolz Day Studio Noir & the Joolz Day Studio Gris are very ‘Ooh La La!’. With double stitched lining, black wheels and stunning fabrics this French double treat is our first result of the new Joolz Studio platform.

Inspired by French romance, the leatherette handle and bumper bar, and the fabric interior are decorated with detailed double stitched lining. The fashionable black Joolz Day Studio Noir and reversed-denim Studio Gris come complete with a chassis, cot, seat, shopping basket and rain cover. The nursery bag, foot muff and parasol are also available in matching colours."

Visit the Joolz website for more!

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