Monday, 14 October 2013

Ant Design Gifts Guest Post!

Growing from just ‘Him & Her’ to ‘Him, Her & Baby’ is an indescribable transition.  Fabulous? Magical? Scary?
I found that it took us time to adjust and then baby number two came along quickly (a bit too quickly!).  Whilst going through all that chaos, I decided to add more mayhem to our world and started designing and creating papercuts.  It allowed me to use my skills as a graphic designer, utilised my love of making things and gave me the flexibility to take care of things at home.  As the kids got older, I devoted more time to developing my business and I now run this full time.

Many of my papercut designs are created to celebrate the birth of a baby.  These designs are personalised with the name of the baby, birth date as well as birth weight and time of birth. I also have designs that suit other occasions: weddings, families, anniversaries, valentines, mothers day and fathers day.  

I take my time making sure each design results in a piece of art that you will love for many years.  With each papercut being totally bespoke to the individual family, it becomes something that is totally unique.

Recently, I further developed my range of products - I produce art prints that use the papercut design style - they still offer all the flexibility of personalisation with the added advantage of a choice of 30 different colours and two different sizes.

I am now also looking at producing canvas art which will soon be appearing on my website. Here are my 3 top sellers, again all of which can be personalised to suit you!

1 / 2 / 3
I hope you enjoy my work as much I as love making it!
I am offering all Our Baby Blog readers 20% off until October 20th too, just use code babyblog20!
Kashmira, Ant Design Gifts

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  2. These are lovely, will have a look on your website later as I am after something similar for an xmas present :) x

  3. These look fab, I want something like this for our house when it's all decorated :) xx

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  4. These are fantastic, must take an age to cut all those bits out!

    Craig Hyndman
    Personalised Baby


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