Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review!

Hello all! Hope you are all well? 

Today I have a review for you of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair! Cosatto are known for their funky patterns & sleek designs and are my favourite brand since before Abbie was even born! We were lucky enough to be sent the brand new colourful squared design & have had a few weeks to test it out and will now give you our review!

The 3sixti is a swivelling, adjustable highchair with a smooth curved base, think of it like a chair you get in the hairdressers maybe, that was my first thought when I saw it! The seat can be easily rotated so baby can see you wherever you are in the room for continous interaction (perfect for those phases of seperaion anxiety) & stress free weaning!

"As parents ourselves, we often felt like we needed an extra pair of hands (or ten) and 360° vision. Sound familiar? Like a juggling act with all the thrills, spills and splodges. Not to mention the tiny moving target mouths."

The building
The assembly was easy and quick, a few pieces to tighten and a few bits to slot into place and you're set to go! Make sure you read the instructions first or you might find it a little difficult (I learned the hard way) 

All of Cosatto products come with a 4 year warranty giving you peace of mind.
the assembled size is H96cm W57cm D57cm & it weighs 13.2kg

Highest seat position 62cm
Lowest seat position 45cm
Highest tray position 79cm
Lowest tray position 62cm

Suitable from 6 months
6 position 360° swivel for 'up-to-the-table' feeding
Easy gas-lift multiple height positions
3 position reclining back rest
Super compact base
Adjustable, washable 2 part tray
Removable tray so baby can join you at the table
Fully removable, comfy padded wipe-clean cushion
Under-base roller for ease of transportation
FREE 4 year guarantee (UK and Ireland only)

It's super easy to clean, you can remove the straps and padded cushion quickly and both can be either wiped down or used in the washing machine! The trays are again, easily removable and can be wiped clean as well as being dishwasher safe, and all the colours remain vibrant and bold!

I think my favourite feature has to be that it can be pulled right up to the table for easy feeding, so if you're little one isn't so little anymore and don't really want to use the tray, just tuck it up next to you and adjust the height of the chair so they can easily eat their food the same as you! We tend to use it as Abbie's crafting chair too so she can get involved with everything but I know she's safe and strapped in still, especially as she's in the climbing stage at the moment!

I think my only negative would have to be that it can't be folded and put away somewhere, it's a bit bulky but it can be easily moved around as it has wheels on the back, ours slots in perfectly in our living room and doesn't get in our way at all! 

Overall I have to give it a 5/5! It's sturdy, convenient and looks modern and bright! Definitely eye catching and perfect from the very first stages of weaning! And although I can't test out the comfort myself, Abbie doesn't seem to complain so that has to be a good sign right!

You can buy the highchair directly from Cosatto or from any of their partners too :)


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