Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Samsung American Fridge Freezer Review!

Today's post is a review of the Samsung RS7567BHCWW_WH American Fridge Freezer! I've always loved the style of the double doored fridges and especially with the water dispenser, Ben's parents got one about 2 years ago now and we were both rather jealous of theirs..The one we had previously served us well but was on it's way out for a few months, the bulb kept going out and the power kept tripping, we thought it might be the fuse so changed it and nothing seemed to change, typically, as we'd just received our food shop, we noticed it was warm inside and the light wasn't turning on..perfect timing! Luckily for us, our neighbour very kindly offered for us to store our bits and bobs in theirs until we could get another one...it was a bit of a pain going over there just for some milk but hey..

Then we received the most perfectly timed email! We are asked if we wanted to review a new fridge freezer and I can honestly say i've never been so excited! Not only was it a perfectly timed, but we were being sent the sleekest one i've ever seen! It definitely ticked a box of something i'd like to do before I perished..ok, that might be a little sad but it's true!

So after receiving our confirmation email, we received our 4 hour time slot and I patiently waited..

First impression?

WOW, IT'S HUGE! I mean, we measured the kitchen and stuff before we confirmed, but it really is a monster of a fridge freezer, not a bad thing at all! I was like a child again, getting excited at the thought of pressing a button to retrieve fresh water..uh isn't that what a tap is?? Still, I imagined myself in one of those huge american kitchens with the island counters and opened the fridge like I was inspecting it..slowly and proudly! It does need a firm tug to open it which I love because Abbie could easily open our old one..so no random yoghurts being pulled out and spilled everywhere..yay!

An efficient A+ energy rating
Frost free feature (prevents the build up of ice and frost on the inside of the freezer)
Open door alert feature.
Auto defrost feature
Water dispenser/Ice Machine
Free standing
2 year warranty
Child proof buttons!

It has so much space inside, perfect for a growing family, although we probably won't fill it up on our monthly big shop, when we have special occasions we will have plenty of room! As for our previous freezer, it was rather small so we couldn't fit much in it at all, however this one is literally huge, perfect for making big batches of food and storing away (saves us money on takeaways too if we can't be bothered to cook!). 

My favourite feature is definitely the water feature and ice machine, we have to move some things around the kitchen before we can use it as it's not close to the water source, but it will be perfect for the summer, ice will be ready at the click of a button, as well as chilled water too! Hopefully it'll encourage abbie to drink more too, although thank goodness she won't be able to reach it for a long time yet!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this, whether you have a growing family or big family already, it's the perfect size and has all the features you will possibly need and more!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your new fridge! It's the fridge I would choose if I had the money! :) x

  2. This fridge/freezer looks amazing... I think that will be on the wishlist for when we move house! x

  3. Ohh wow! That looks absolutely amazing!! I would love one that big....

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