Thursday, 3 April 2014

Review: Box Upon A Time

We recently received an email from Box Upon A Time, a new subscription box that is created specially for your little one! All you have to do is fill out your fashion profile by taking a little quiz, fill in a few details such as your little ones name and measurements (if you know them), their style and your favourite patterns and colours too! Your box will be handpicked by stylists who will get you the best deals whilst ensuring style and practicality! Each box is picked to suit your little ones age and keeps your fashion profile in mind!

So after filling in our fashion profile and setting up our order, we waited for our box to arrive..a few days later, a pretty looking box came through the letterbox and I couldn't wait to open it up and see what we received!...

We received this really pretty starry shirt next, the perfect top for all seasons actually, it can be layered over a baby grow and under a jumper but also great for the summer time over her swimming costume to keep her covered up from the sun a bit more! It's a pretty thin material but great quality none the less and fits her like a dream! I think it's probably my favourite item from the box, I almost wish they had an adult size!

The next item we received was this pretty pink Diesel jumper! It is a bit big for Abbie at the moment as it is 24 months+ but again, it's great for the cooler summer evenings coming up and hopefully it'll fit her into the Autumn months too so definitely value for money there! I absolutely love it, it's super soft and has a gorgeous fleece lining to keep her snug and cosy, but without getting too hot, it has the Diesel name embroider on the arm, 2 little side pockets and the jumper itself flares out at the bottom to make it that extra bit girly too! :)

The third item we received was a little bit different to my usual fashion picks for Abbie, it's a grey/purple off the shoulder shirt, we were sent it in age 2 years so it's a bit big for Abbie at the moment, the sleeves are oversized but light for the summer months and great for layering in the winter too! I have added a picture of it by itself below so you can have a little look! It's one of those items that looks better on than in the picture I think, it's not really my cup of tea in terms of style but I always like to try new things, I think it would look really cute tucked into a summer skirt with some sandals to match!

You will receive a selection of 3 to 4 high quality items from designer brands throughout Europe & the USA, all for £49 a month, but before you think 'Oh that's a bit pricey' (and I'll admit, I thought that too), but you're actually only paying around £10-£15 per item which would usually cost double, even triple that price originally! You get what you pay for really and you know you're only going to be receiving the very best and highest quality clothing for your little munchkin! 

If you're anything like me and every time you go to the supermarket or for a quick run into town, you can't help but buy a few bits of clothing for your little ones, not because they need it but because you're out and the clothes practically call you one by one to buy them..I end up spending too much money on clothes for Abbie and read a stat that us parents spend on average £63 a month on clothes for our children...why not save yourself that extra £15 and order from Box Upon A Time, where you know the items you receive will last a lot longer than the least pricey brands!


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  1. Fantastic review. I love that little shirt. :) x


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