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Review: Saviour Snacks!

Hello all!
Hope you are all enjoying your Friday! Today I have a review of a snack box by Saviour Snacks, as you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I recently started eating a lot 'cleaner' and basically started a much healthier lifestyle, I've always been a snacker but wasn't eating anything too nutritious between meals, I really wanted to try a range of snacks that were not only healthy but delicious too! This is where Saviour Snacks came in..

Saviour Snacks are a brilliant company who create snack boxes filled with delicious yet healthy treats for you and your family, inside you will find a mixture of fruits, seeds, bars and granola, all tailored to suit you, I used to be one of those people who would see a cereal bar full of seeds and turn my nose up at it, but now i'm on this healthy eating lifestyle I've welcomed new snacks into my radar, and my god have I been surprised, no longer am I needing to snack on crisps or sugary sweets, I can dive straight into the Saviour Box without feeling the slightest bit guilty!

Can we just take a minute to admire the packaging, I'm a bit of a sucker for nice boxes and decorative patterns as you all know! But I absolutely love this little box, with a pretty teal blue base and a chocolate brown border with white fluffy clouds for the extra detail, it is such a professional looking box, yet looks fun and inviting! Definitely made me more excited to see what was inside!

On the inside lid of your box, you receive a very clearly laid out chart showing you further details of each item, you can see what your Berry Granola bar is free from & how many calories! Because lets face it, sometimes it can be too much effort to check through the packaging! For example, we can see that the Berry Granola is wheat free, dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is also high in fibre, plus it only has 137 calories too, super easy to read and so helpful! I love the last bullet point especially, 'ONLY real ingredients that you can spell', such a true statement!

Here are the contents of the box I received! As you can see, there is a huge range and everything is different from each other too, I was actually surprised how much was actually inside the box, definitely get your moneys worth!

So over the past week or so, Ben & I have been testing these out (and Abbie on a few bits as well) and rating them on a scale of 5 for different aspects, below I have marked down all the details of each product individually and how we rated them too. This box might not be for everyone, but check out the Saviour Snacks website for more options and an idea of everything else they offer!

Proper Corn - Sweet Coconut & Vanilla
I've never been a fan of popcorn, everyone I know can wolf down a large tub at the cinema, but i've never found the fascination with it, obviously the packaging of this drew me in straight away, plus I didn't even know popcorn can in any other flavours other than the normal butter, salty, sweet or caramel! How yummy does Sweet Coconut & Vanilla sound? Well, let me tell you, this is the YUMMIEST popcorn i've ever tried! It's kinda hard to explain, but it's smooth and creamy in taste, a balanced taste of both coconut and vanilla, what  I like best is that its rather filling too, after half a bag between breakfast and lunch, it had filled that gap perfectly, it is a bit sweet if you were to eat the whole bag in one go (in my opinion anyway), but definitely the perfect snack! 

109 Calories Per Bag

Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Crackers
I'm a huge fan of crackers anyway, so was super happy to see these in my box, as you can tell my the title, they are wholegrain japanese crackers made with whole sesame and rice, they are free from gluten and any nasties too! On their own they are pleasant but they go really well with some thai sweet chilli sauce too! 

176 Calories Per Bag

Garbanzo - Thai Sweet Chilli Chickpeas
These are so blimmin delicious! Anything to do with thai flavours and it's instantly a winner for me! I love chickpeas in meals but never even thought about eating them as a snack, I could happily eat the whole bag in one go if Ben didn't love them too! Damn! :). The sweet chilli was nice and subtle and nice and filling too!

88 Calories Per Bag

Oloves Chili & Oregano Olives
Neither Ben or I are fans of olives, so we gave these a miss, although if you're a fan of them here is a run down of them anyway..They are a healthy & convenient snack and stored in a fresh sealed pack to keep the flavours together, you can either have them as they are, or add them to pizzas and stews too, great for adding a little extra flavour to your favourite meals! 

53 Calories Per Bag

Organix Pumpkin-Snack Dark Chocolate
I haven't eaten chocolate for over a year now (those of you who know me personally will know how addicted I used to be), so I gave these straight to Ben who was in heaven! He said the balance of chocolate to the seeds were perfect and not sickly either, they are gluten free and really are the perfect treat if you are craving some chocolate but don't want to feel guilty afterwards!

260 calories per bag

Luscious Lemon Almonds
Wow these are sour! Ha, as soon as I put one on my tongue it made my face screw up, I'm pretty sensitive with citrus fruits and tastes, even orange juice affects me! But they were yummy still, the perfect snack for carrying around in your bag if you're out for the day, but also great if you fancy using them in cooking too! Making a lemon sponge cake (healthy of course ;)) . Ben really liked these a bit more than I did so took them off to work the other morning as his mid morning snack!

175 Calories Per Bag

Bounce Coconut & Macadamia Protein Bliss
I gave this one to Ben as i'm not really a fan of macadamia and he loved it, he said it just tastes like a chewy coconut bar (right on the money then!), he said it definitely gave him that boost needed after he'd just finished a long day at work, we tend to go for a walk a few times a week and he could feel the difference in his energy levels almost straight away!

160 Calories

Wild Trail - Berry Granola
This was one of my favourites in the box, I love bars like this, it is made from oats, fruit, nut and coconut oil, all 100% natural and even wheat and dairy free too! I shared this with Abbie and she wolfed it down like  I hadn't fed her all day, it's soft and fruity but fills that little gap in between meals, unlike a lot of other bars out there, definitely going on our shopping list this month!

Raw Bite - Raw Cacao
Ive only recently found out what Cacao is, its basically a healthy alternative to chocolate, perfect for me as I haven't eaten chocolate in over a year now! Packed with fruit & nuts too, its a balanced bar with nothing but yummy goodness whilst being completely nutritious too! I'll admit, I could only handke half the bar at a time as it was quite rich, but I guess thats better than wolfing it down then rushing for another! :)

Overall I am really pleased with the Saviour Snacks box! Everything was perfect for us and nothing went to waste, there are lots of different types of boxes on the website that you can choose from, including the Super Skinny, Ultimate, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, plus Vegan & Vegetarian boxes too!

"We guarantee the snacks you receive are healthier alternatives to regular junk food, made from ‘clean’ ingredients with no hidden nasties.
You’ll always receive 10 sweet and savoury, full-sized products from all natural energy-balls to raw chocolate, dried-fruit & nut mixes, corn cakes, baked vegetable crisps, popcorn and more! Here’s a sample menu card."

Happy snacking :)


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  1. Some of these look really great, I especially like the look of the Japanese crackers and I'll keep an eye out for them.

    Thanks for sharing!


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