Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review | Soak & Sleep Pillows

When you become a parent, the idea of sleep is a dream come true, as soon as your little one starts sleeping even a few solid hours at night and you become a child at Christmas! For me especially, I look forward to my bed every night, running around after a toddler and playing/changing nappies/dealing with tantrums/having them climb all over you/taking them to the park etc etc, can leave you feeling pretty exhausted to say the least! Although it is pretty fun :).

So when I was contacted to take part in a review for Soak&Sleep, I jumped at the chance! If you've not heard of them, here is a little background information for you..

" In 2006 Charlie Hunt launched Duvet and Pillow Warehouse from his spare bedroom in Surrey. He had one simple aim: to provide great quality duvets and pillows at a fraction of the high street price. At a time when we all want quality AND value, Charlie tapped the market, and soon thousands of customers were on the website. First DAPW outgrew its modest HQ, then it outgrew its website, and now it has outgrown its name, to becoming the now well known Soak&Sleep!

To be honest, our pillows are pretty flimsy and pathetic right now, I don't think you actually realise just how much they 'deflate' over the years. We were sent 2 duck feather pillows and I know I say this in pretty much every review, but I was so excited to receive them, my neck has started aching at night with the lack of support so I was looking forward to an improved nights sleep (if Abbie lets me anyway) :).

So as soon as they arrived, I rushed upstairs to get them in place, I literally couldn't believe the different between the old pillows and these, instead of using 2 of the old pillows just for me, I can now comfortably use the 1! They have kinda transformed the bed into something you would find in a hotel, nice plump and soft pillows!

OH MY GOODNESS, these pillows have literally been sent from heaven, as soon as I put my head down, it curled around the rest of my head and supported my neck perfectly, I felt like i'd just popped my head on a cloud..no really, I know it seems dramatic, but take it from someone with a toddler who rarely sleeps through the night, sleep is my favourite thing in the whole world, so anything that is going to make it better deserves those words! Although they're not the softest pillows, they are so comfy!

Abbie was pretty intrigued in them too, as you know if you're a regular reader, we co-sleep with Abbie, she has her bed pushed up next to ours and sleeps in there for half the night or if we're lucky, all night! So on the nights she wants those extra cuddles, I thought it might be good for her to test them out too, you know, just incase she didn't like them! So I lead her down and she looked pretty damn snug to me! I asked her if she wanted to go nu nights and she snuggled onto her side and made a snoring sound..I take that as a pretty comfy pillow in toddler terms!

Soak & Sleep provide you not only with pillows, but duvets, nursing pillows, bed linen, mattress toppers, silk throws, slippers and towels to name a few! Whether you're looking for a new lighter tog duvet for the summer, a new pregnancy pillow or some fluffy new towels, all for a guaranteed lower price than the high street and all made to the highest quality, visit the Soak&Sleep website for it all!

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