Monday, 12 May 2014

Country Chic Kitchen Accessories!

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I am completely in love with the country chic look for a kitchen, I love the pastel colours and the retro fonts on things like canisters and the spice pots above, reminds me of the diners in Grease! I already live in the countryside but used to live in Essex so it's a bit of a difference when the scenery comes into it, I wouldn't swap the fields and views for anything now i'm used to it, we have lots of lovely walks near us and this kinda look really makes me feel like I'm at home! So what are the main bits you need to create this theme? I've listed the 3 items I would HAVE to have in my country chic kitchen..

Milk bottles & Mason Jars
Ok, this is going to make me sounds really old now but I remember when I was younger and every Wednesday when i'd stay round my Nan's house, I'd wake up in the morning and help her put the used milk bottles back on the doorstep and i'd just sit there and wait for the milkman to come round on his float, carrying more bottles of milk than probably safe but hey, that's what they did back then! Once he'd been I'd go back out and there would be fresh bottles of milk there again, I loved it! I so wish that happened now, I'd love to share that kinda thing with Abbie but we'll just have to stick to popping to the co-op Haha, just to sound really really old now, I even remember having it at school for break time! The milk bottles above are perfect for bringing back the memories, you can choose to fill them with milk then recycle the bottles or even to create yummy juices and smoothies! They are perfect for crafts as well, or even as vases for the springtime with some pretty daffodils!

Retro Aga
Although they are blooming expensive to run, I absolutely love the look of them, we had one about 5 years ago which I was in love with, I think they can really change the look of the whole kitchen, a bit like a SMEG fridge actually, having one of each in your kitchen is really going to give it that country chic feel! They come in literally every colour you can think of too, i think i'd have to go for either cream or red for mine, depending on the other accessories I choose! I don't think a country chic kitchen is complete without an Aga!

I always think those little touches of signs on the walls really make such a difference, back in the 60's the cafe's and diners were all covered in them, with tempting quotes including 'worlds best cup of coffee' (Elf flashback! Comment below if you know what i'm talking about!) Haha, as well as the sign above which reads 'Everything stops for tea', so very true! You can even get personalised signs saying 'Jess' Kitchen' in your own fonts and colours too, such a sweet touch!

Here are a few of my other favourite bits and bobs :)


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  1. i love the 'everything stops for tea' sign!

  2. Oh wow! How gorgeous! I love everything x

  3. I love anything quirky like this. My kitchen's a bit to modern to add anything country chic to it though :(

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  4. I really really want some of those milk bottles and the mason jars x


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