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Kids Garden Party Accessories!

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For Abbies second birthday we were thinking about having a little garden party for her, she'll be at the right age to be excited and to get involved in games and things so it seemed like the perfect idea! So I began browsing online at accessories (you can never be too organised!), I went straight onto my new favourite gift shop site dotcomgiftshop, and found everything I wanted in the exact style I was looking for too! We love the vintage inspired look with retro fonts and pastel/sun faded colour, it just seemed perfect! I've added a wish list together and have to resist buying it all now ahhh! But how cute is everything?

Paper plates & cups
A no brainer really, things get spilt, things get knocked over and sometims excitement becomes far too much and things get knocked over, so save yourself and avoid accidents by getting in a load of paper plates, you don't even have to go fancy with the patterns, after all, they're just going straight in the bin anyway! 

It's easy to get carried away with decs, I think we'll stick with some pretty bunting, some balloons and some pretty bits scattered around the garden too! Obviously it all depends on the time of year you are looking at having your garden party, if theres a chance of rain don't worry about having to cancel the party, order in an awning or mini marquee or something, you can then take the fun and games indoors after you've all eaten!

Finger foods definitely, little sandwich quarters, crisps, fruit, veg sticks and dips, organic treats! Nothing sugary or full of rubbish, hyper sugar filled children are never fun! If it's going to be a full day of fun and lots of family are coming round too, why not have a BBQ, although the younger kids might not be interested in the food, the adults certainly will, who doesnt love a bbq right?!

Party Bags

A party is not complete without a party bag, that slice of birthday cake wrapped in some kitchen roll was my favourite thing to open after id been to a friends birthday! Fill it with whoever you like, including some snacks, some poloroid photos from the day, bouncy balls, whistles (sorry parents), anything you like, don't go overboard and spend a ton of money either, eBay & Amazon can help you out as well as pound shops and charity shops too!


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  1. Love this style it looks so effective ! Great post

  2. Ahh, this takes me back. My birthday is in July and some years it poured with rain and some years it was good enough to have an outdoor party. Everyone's favourite was hunting around the garden for the hidden sweets - one of the few times a year I was allowed sugar.

  3. I love garden parties! I always wanted to do one for Stacey's birthday but September isn't really the right time to host one with the unpredictable weather. I might be able to have one for Oscar at some point though as his is in May, which is (usually) a lot warmer!!

    Great post :)

    Louise x

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