Saturday, 17 May 2014

Useful & Unnecessary Baby Products!

I literally didn't have a clue what to title this post, nothing seemed to I bring you 'Useful & unnecessary baby products..." Hmmm..

You've found out you're pregnant and you're already planning nursery decor and their going home outfit! But once all the excitant of cute blankets and teddies kick in, you will start thinking about the bigger things you will need....Friends & family are constantly recommending products to you left right and centre, whilst others are telling you the complete opposite...remember that every single baby is different, every parent is different and what works for some may not work for others. 

Plus it's never too late to get something you think will be useful, so don't panic too much and do some research online too! Below I have come up with three things that we wish we had bought when Abbie was a newborn, and three things that were completely useless to us personally! 

1. Cot
Ok, this is gonna be a mixed back on opinions but it you're a regular reader of my blog you will know that ever since we brought Abbie home from the hospital, she would be fine sleeping in her Moses basket in the day but at night time, she wouldn't sleep anywhere but in our bed, we tried her in her cot multiple times but after spending an hour getting her to sleep only for her to wake up as we put her down, we took the easy option and just kept her in our bed, looking back now I do sometimes wish we'd have kept trying, we were a little naive when it came to how much babies should sleep at night, she was probably doing what every other baby does but we are both people who need sleep so took the best option for the three of us at the time! So from then on, Abbie has slept in our bed and never in the cot, so to us that was a product that was useless to us! Next time though, we will persevere a bit more (won't we??).

2. Swing
I so so wish we had bought one of these for Abbie, she was very much a motion baby, in order for her to go to sleep she would need some sort of rocking or movement and that's still the case to this day too! We were told by a lot of people that they're a waste of money but looking back it would've been perfect for us, I could've got a lot more things done around the house and would've given us a different avenue in how we could get her to sleep, although I guess I can look back and really appreciate that I cuddled her enough :). If we were to have another baby I would definitely 100% invest in one!

3. Baby shoes
Though very very cute, there really is no need to spend any kind of money on shoes for your newborn, first of all have you ever seen a newborn with both socks on at one time? Or at least with both kit hanging on my their little toes? Shoes are made for walking and not as an accessory in my opinion, just let their little tootsies be free and maybe invest in some moccasins when they start crawling :)

4. Baby bath support
Ok as if my anxiety wasn't bad enough at the beginning, the thought of how to bathe Abbie made me panic even more, I secretly wished her umbilical cord would stay on longer so I didn't have to do it, obviously we would wash her top to teo anyway for those who think we didn't clean her haha. Let me out it this way, holding a newborn baby in the baby bath was harder than holding a bar of soap in the shower! Plus you're trying to be so careful not to let their head go underwater as well as washing them with the other hand, obviously it does get easier with practice but it's not as easy as you think! I wish we had bought one of these, it would've been so much easier to use, just place her in there and I suddenly has two hands to wash and support her, waaaay better! 

5. Fancy clothes
Getting a newborn dressed in itself is a chore, again as a first time parent it could take me up to 20 minutes to get a onesie on her, panicking about hurting her whilst she's wriggling around like an octopus, it was a daily challenge! There were times when I would dress her in jeans and dresses but to be completely honest, she did look a little silly as everything was always so big and although they're cute, just stick with the basics like leggings, vests and sleepsuits and basic tops, no need of over complicated things! Plus as soon as you out one leg in and start celebrating, they've kicked it off and you have to start all over again! Ahhh!

6. Baby carrier
This is something we did have and used only twice around the house, I was always so scared to use it as she was still so tiny but she would fall asleep in it every time! I don't quite know why I didn't carry on, I think I was so worried she would fall out of it or that I'd not strapped it on right (even after triple checking) that it put me off! I see lots and lots of mums and dads out and about now with them and wish I had done it more, it makes your life so much easier and keeps baby close to you too! Next time, I will be investing in one 100%!

What do you wish you had bought? Is there anything you bought that you never used? I'd love to hear your stories :)


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  1. I don't have children but I can see how easy it is to buy uneccessary things. I think if cost is an issue, stick to essentials and things the baby will need in the first 6 months! x


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