Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Autumn Bedroom Decor Ideas!

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Autumn is just around the corner and as someone who loves changing their bedroom decor each season, I wanted to share some of my Autumn inspiration ideas with you all! Last year I started with a red and white theme for Winter, then moved onto a Monochrome design, then finally for Summer we had a pretty floral design with polka dots and pastel colours! 

This is probably my favourite thing to buy for bedrooms, the amount of patterns and design are endless, whatever you imagine in your head you'll probably be able to find, no matter how abstract or unusual! I think bedding is the statement for a bedroom, firstly its something you sleep underneath every night but it's also usually the first thing someone notices when they walk in, so whether you're looking to redecorate your own room or the guest room, you can find tons and tons of gorgeous bits online! 

Probably the second most important part of the room, you can choose to light your room in so many different ways, from dainty fairy lights wrapped around your bed or strung across the wardrobe to funky patterned lampshades that project stars across your ceiling, the possibilities are endless and you really don't need to spend a fortune either! If you're feeling crafty why not have a go at making your own? It's really not as hard as you first think, have a look over on Pinterest for some ideas to get your cogs spinning, remember, there's no need to start from scratch either, you can always buy a cheap basic lamp and decorate if as you please, make it your own and one of a kind!

These are what makes a house a home, when it comes to the bedrooms you don't need too much, just little homely bits that make the room feel a bit cosier! I have a bit of an obsession with bird cages at the moment, not just as decorations but as candle holders too, cushions are probably my favourite decor items, to say I'm addicted is probably an understatement, our bed alone has 9, our sofas have 4 and Abbie even has 2 in her bed (which she is yet to sleep in may I add). They make the rooms look so cosy and snug, perfect for the cooler weather and adds that extra homely touch any guests staying will love! The same goes for throws, blankets and rugs, anything fluffy, soft and snuggly is exactly what is needed during autumn and especially the winter months too! You can usually get accessories at amazing prices, check out eBay and Amazon for amazing daily deals, especially the first week of September, grab yourselves some bargains!

What makes your house cosy?

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  1. I love the bedding!!! I got so confused as to why the tab had Lulu at the front I thought it may be a thing they done when you have an account then I noticed it was the name of the bedding, it's going to have to go on my wishlist even more so now isn't it :) x

  2. Love all of these, especially the lights! x


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