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Debenhams Back to School Competition!

Good afternoon all!
Hope you've all had a good week and looking forward to your weekend!

Today I am taking part in The Debenhams Back to School competition over at Mellow Mummy, the challenge is to create a 'Back to School Look' using anything from the Debenhams kids section, this can be party dresses, casual jeans and tshirt or even a onesie matched with slippers if they wish, it's a great way to get your little ones involved and allowing them to pick their favourite items for their first day at school! Obviously if your little one's are a bit little and won't be going to school for a few years like Abbie, go ahead and create your favourite outfit for them instead! Abbie is always wanting to get involved in anything when I'm using the iPad so this was a great chance for her to feel included and proud! This was a bit of a joint effort but Abbie genuinely pressed on the items in the mood board,it may have taken an hour but we got there!!

I present you with Abbie's chosen outfit.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

And the steps it took to get there...

So I popped onto the website and instantly Abbie started shouting PEPPA, PEPPA PIG, as soon as she saw her, and enthusiastically prodded the screen at the pinafore dress, she carried on pressing at different bits on the screen so the dress was off the page before I could even blink but I decided that was her choice and if i do say so myself, is pretty perfect for school actually! (not that she knows).

Next we somehow ended up on tops and she scrolled and scrolled, then noticed the Owl tshirt, HOOT HOOT, TWIT TWOO x a kazillion! Anyone that knows Abbie knows her obsession with owls, her (soon to be) bedroom has an owl duvet cover, pillows, toys and wall stickers, so this was an obvious choice really ;).

Now this is where she started to get a bit excited/bored and wondering where the Youtube app was so clicked everywhere, still, I took this as her choices and it made both Ben & I laugh..

I clicked over on the shoes section, because well, we need shoes don't we? And despite all the cute boots I wanted her to pick, she insisted the "PINK Shews" were a must, I pointed out the pretty snow boots to which she responded by pulling my hand out the way & clicking on the fluffy bright pink slippers, trendsetter maybe?? I like her thinking though, new school shoes can rub and cause blisters, slippers will be soft, snuggly and comfortable, genius! But she wasn't quite finished on choosing shoes (silly mummy should've been quicker changing the category), but this does make it cuter and funnier! She was practically grabbing the iPad screen at this point, she wanted these shoes out of the screen and on her feet NOW, I don't actually know why she picked these, she didn't shout any words or colours, just clicked and stared at them for a while...hmm.

To finish off her 'look', we popped over to the accessories section and chose a 'tick tock', she swiped and chose what she wanted because of the 'Heaarrtts', and that's it..

And my choice...

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Now, I couldn't not pick out an outfit for Abbie myself, she really is like a living doll for me, I love choosing different styles for her and dressing her up! I decided to choose an outfit that was a bit more grown up because let's face it, their first day at school is confirmation that they are no longer tiny little newborns and are now in fact, all grown up :(. Luckily for me, Abbie won't be at school for another 2 years (yay!) so I have lots of time to cuddle her and pretend she is still tiny! :D

I chose this gorgeous yellow dress for her first of all, I love the design, the pretty little bow, the colour and the girlyness too, it can be matched with so many different bits so it's a really versatile little dress! Abbie approved this by telling me it was 'yellow' so definitely a winner in my books!

I chose this absolutely precious bomber jacket next, I thought it would keep her nice and warm in the autumn and winter months but would also go perfectly with the dress to make it more casual! It can also go with every single other outfit in her wardrobe too so will be used probably most days of the week! 

If the weather is a bit cooler I thought it would be perfect to pair with some gorgeous black or white tights to keep her little legs warm too, we actually already have the Jasper Conran ones in the mood board and they are easily the softest tights i've ever seen! As soon as I saw the little yellow bandana headband, I had to add it to my wish list, it's probably the sweetest headband i've seen, it has a gorgeous polkadot pattern on one side and the puppies on the other too, perfectly matching with the dress too, a must have for her outfit :)

For shoes I picked these stunning black quilted boots with pretty flower buckles, I love the style of biker boots at the moment and as soon as I noticed these I pictured Abbie in them, they really finish the outfit off perfectly (in my opinion) :P. Perfect for the whole autumn and winter seasons as well as being acceptable at school as well!

If you're interested in getting involved, pop over to Mellow Mummy's blog and read all the terms and conditions to get started, be quick though, the competition ends this weekend!

What is your favourite item from above?


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow theme (yellow is my favourite... may have something to do with my mellowness). Beautiful combos. Emma x

    1. I love yellow too, especially in the cooler months, it really brightens everything up! Im obsessed with the little boots too, must resist until closer to our holiday!! Lol x

  2. I absolutely love the second outfit, it is so cute especially those boots x

    1. I love them too! Little biker boots! x

  3. What a really clever idea for a competition. Love the black and white stripped boots - I wonder if they have size 3 - I'm only little myself!

    1. They might do actually! I have size 7-8 feet, it's a bit harder finding nice ones to fit me haha x

  4. Love the yellow dress and biker boots. Debenhams has some lovely items #sundaybest

  5. Both themes look great, especially like the yellow headband :)


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