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Review | Degustabox July

Hello all
Today's review is the July Degustabox (better late than never), we have lots of fun each month reviewing these and always get excited before it arrives! We always wait to do our food shop when we know the Degustabox is gonna be delivered, it gives us inspiration on meals we can cook with ingredients provided and boy were we glad we waited this time! This was the opportunity to make some dinners we hadn't tried before with products we hadn't ever tried! Here are our thoughts on this months box!

Maggi Range
Ever since I was about 9 years old I've been brought up with Maggi sauce in cooking, we had a friend of the family who was Nigerian and she was a goddess in the kitchen and added it to everything possible! Since then I've used it all the time, I remember introducing it to Ben (who by the way is not one who likes to try new foods), but he loved it, he always asks me to add it into the cooking and since having Abbie, she loves it too, especially on her rice at lunch!

Ive seen the adverts on telly for the So Juicy and Tray Bake products and always wanted to try them but I never actually have, possibly because it's something a little different, so upon opening my box this month I was super excited to see 6 packets that we could try! I think the one i'm most excited to try is the Soy & Garlic chicken, I'm in love with oriental flavours so this would be perfect with rice and a dash of maggi sauce too! It's on the menu for next week so will post the picture of what we had!

It was DELICIOUS! And without sounding too cheesy, it was so juicy, the chicken was melt in your mouth and not at all dry, the flavours were perfectly balanced too! I decided to cook it with noodles and stir fried veg with an extra drizzle of soy sauce and some sesame oil, definitely will be cooking it again! :)

Portlebay Popcorn
A small crew from Decon who want to make great tasting fun and interesting food and decided on Kracklecorn, a bit different from you average popcorn. 
"One bite of our sweet and salty artisan treat and the love affair will begin"

The flavours sent were Chilli & Lime, Slightly Sweet & Salted & wait for it...Crispy bacon and maple syrup! I'm not actually the biggest fan of popcorn, I just find it too sickly and the texture isn't really my cup of tea! I was reluctant to try them for this reason but I did and I was pleasantly surprised by the chilli & lime one, as I mentioned above I love oriental flavours and this was perfect, sweet, sour and with a touch of heat, I ended up eating the whole bag myself! The bacon and maple syrup one was weird, ha ha, I will be honest and say it wasn't for us, it was an unusual flavour and definitely doesn't tickle our fancy at all, pancakes with maple syrup yet, with bacon on popcorn? Definitely not. But I'm glad I tried to and it's definitely worth a taste!

Green & Black's | Lemon Bar
Infused dark chocolate with a zesty lemon flavour striking a balance between a fresh citrusy hit and enticing rich dark chocolate. "The subtle lemon flavour tang of the bar will transport you back to hose long hot summer days of years gone by."

What I love about Green & Black's chocolate is that although it's nice to wolf down an entire bar of chocolate of this size, they make it so you literally can only treat yourself, a few squares of this is enough, because it's dark chocolate it's a bit richer and stronger in taste, but still enjoyable! We actually made hot chocolates with whipped cream and shaved some of this on top and it was delicious!

Frank's Honest Snacking 
Blueberry & chocolate snack bar!
I love love love snacking bars, I'm always looking for healthy alternatives and if chocolate is involved in that then its the best of both worlds! Ha ha. I really enjoyed this, it has the usual texture you'd expect with healthy chocolate bar alternatives, they are made using dates which creates a slightly grainy texture, I find these sorts of bars really do fill that gap between meals, it doesn't leave me wanting more which is perfect! I have since bought other flavours of this range and it's gone down well with Ben & Abbie too!

Dr Oetker Cake Toppings
Eton Mess
Violet Crystals

Inspired by the latest baking trends, new Dr Oetker Eton Mess & Violet Crystals Sprinkles are the perfect way to add extra colour and flavour to all your home baking and desserts. These edible decorations can be easily added to your home baking to create your own very special look! We made cupcakes and cookies with these as toppings and silly me forgot to take proper photos on my camera, we added nutella then topped them with these two, so yummy! A little goes a long way with these too so you're definitely getting your moneys worth!

Zeo Drinks 
Forget the usual sweet and sticky soft drinks, when it comes to refeshing yourself this summer, discover ZEO. It's a crisp, dry soft drink with a tingling taste sensation that comes in three light fruity flavours, peach and Grapefruit Burst, Citrus Crush & Lime Zest. 

I don't usually get excited about drinks, food yes, but not drinks, but these were really yummy, I fell in love with them and have since bought them on almost every food shop! My favourite was definitely the Burst flavour, so refreshing and thirst quenching without all the nasty sugars that are in most products of it's type! They are all unique in their flavour, the perfect drink for Summer!


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