Saturday, 30 August 2014

Toddler Holiday Wishlist with H&M!

As you may or may not know, we were recently picked as Butlins Ambassadors for 2014/15, this means that we can finally have our first family holiday and boy have I been preparing early! We are heading off mid December once all the Christmassy decorations are up so that'll be pretty magical I think! In the meantime I've already written up our checklist of things we need, a separate one for Abbie, Ben & I, complete with necessities, clothes & what snacks to take for the car journey, yes really. 

With all that excitement, I have also decided to start saving for new winter clothes as at the moment Abbie's wardrobe is all pretty floaty and not so cosy outfits, luckily we have a few months to save up and I've had lots of fun browsing! My current favourite store for kids clothes is H&M, literally everything they have, I want for Abbie, what I like most is that it's really affordable but the clothes are all amazing quality too, just what you need when looking for bits to keep your little ones warm and cosy! So after the H&M kids catalogue came through the post yesterday morning, I dove straight in circling what I liked until I realised I hadn't left anything it was time to move to the laptop and to create a wish list, I added everything I liked to my basket, knowing I would go back later on and delete the bits that were too pricey or that weren't completely necessary! So here we go, i've shared my favourite items in this post, all of which I am hoping to have enough money to buy, not just for the holiday but for the winter too!


Winter Warmers
Definitely need some cosy jumpers and cardigans for the time of year, I am in love with number 2 the most, I just think a toddler wearing a hoody is the cutest thing ever, Abbie's gonna look like a proper little girl in it! The denim jacket with the furry hood is probably my favourite item out of the lot, and typically, the most expensive, but it's so adorable and denim always stays in fashion so it can be passed down too!

Wooly hats, fluffy gloves and snuggly socks, necessities for any winter wardrobe whether you're a toddler or an adult! Abbie doesn't mind wearing hats in the winter, last year we bought her an adorable little owl one with fluffy ears and big eyes on the front, it keeps their head warm as well as their ears whilst making them look super cute as well! Gloves are probably a little more challenging to make them wear but once they reach the age of 18 months+ it's a lot easier to get their little fingers into the right parts! Ha ha. 

When it comes to playtime they need to be able to move easily, leggings, tracksuit bottoms and long sleeved tshirts will do just that whilst still keeping them warm! There is an amazing soft play area at Butlins so all the leggings above would be perfect for running around in and climbing the frames etc, my favourites are probably the little grey ones with the little bunnies on, i'm hoping she'll get these for her birthday! :D. I've just realised there's a pattern emerging in the colour scheme, grey and pinks, I guess thats the colours for the Autumn season!

When we visit the fairground she needs to be warm and comfortable still, so i'd probably put her in a pair of jeans, some boots, long sleeved top and a nice snuggly jumper, perhaps with a body warmer over the top for some extra warmness, also the perfect outfit for a trip to the beach too, yes we will be going! :)

One of my favourite things to do now I have a little girl of my own is to dress her up! I always thought she was too small before and dresses looked a little, well, silly and always too long on her, but she seems to have had a big growth spurt recently and now looks about 6 years old in them! I picked the black and white striped dress and black tights for a gorgeous monochrome look, then matched it with the baby pink cardigan for a little softness and well, I can't forget the pink theme can I! 

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