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Fashion | Toddler Styling with Sainsbury's!

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When it comes to buying clothes for Abbie, I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I want things that are still going to look cute, stylish and high quality! There are so many places that sell gorgeous kids clothes and I have to be honest, I think supermarkets provide the best! Sainsbury's in particular always have amazing bits, every season when stock is rotated, i'm amazed at the quality and variety they have! Now we're coming into Autumn, they have created looks with the main colours purple, brown and red and I have to say I love it so much! We have a Sainsburys store not too far from us with everything you can imagine when it comes to providing for your little ones, shoes, tops, jeans, coats, vests, pyjamas, everything, the prices are always really reasonable and perfect if you're on a budget (who isn't eh!). 

Above I have picked my favourite bits from the Sainsburys Tu website for you all, and explained them below as well as prices etc...

Skinny Jeans
I still think skinny jeans are the most adorable item of clothing a toddler can wear, they instantly look so grown up in them, Abbie's at the age now where she stuffs things in the pockets so every time I do the washing I have to check them for pieces of lego and crisps! These jeans come in a dark wash with adorable little heart buttons!

Price: £6
Average Price Online: £12
Saving: £6

Cat Jumper
Now it's cooling down, fluffy jumpers are perfect for layering them up and keeping them warm, I loved the style of this with the little cat face on the front and a little red bow for added detail, plus a cricket style hem and cuff, to finish off the look, it's a must have this season to add to your little girlie's wardrobe! 

Price: £9
Average Price Online: £14
Saving: £5

Blue Gilet
This is probably my favourite item from the autumn collection, a gorgeous navy blue quilted material with a tan trim matched with pretty little brown bows and a black and white heart lining inside, it will no doubt keep them warm this season! There are also adorable little heart poppers to to keep them snug! I would suggest getting one size up from what they usually wear as it'll be on top of 2 or 3 layers depending on the weather! It also looks so much more expensive than it actually is..

Price: £10
Average Price Online: £19!
Saving: £9

Cat T-shirts
Basic tshirts are a must for any childs wardrobe, they pretty much wearing them every single day and are bound to get them mucky quickly so you don't want to spend a fortune! Sainsburys always have amazing tshirt bundles which is why we get most of Abbie;s from there! With these you will get a pack of 3 cat inspired tops, the first is a lovely tan colour which has an adorable little cat decal, the second is a white top with lots of little cat faces across it whilst the this is just a plain autumnal red tee with slightly ruffled sleeves!

Price: £8
Average Price Online: £10
Saving: £2

You can't complete an outfit without shoes, and these new boots from Sainsburys really are gorgeous, keeping in theme with the tan look, these are sturdy, amazing quality and have a really pretty 3D butterfly effect across one side with little flowers, the heel is low so easy to walk in and they will make that clip cloppy noise as your little ones walk (which they all love!). Match it with some skinny jeans, tee, fluffy jumper and a black winter hat and your little one will be all set for winter!

Price: £14
Average Price Online: £25
Saving: £11

Purple Jeans
Just to add a splash of colour to this collection, I added these gorgeous purple jeans, with little ruffled pockets, a turned up hem on the legs and an elasticated waist band, these jeans will probably fit them for a good 6-12 months beyond their age, we actually got these for Abbie at our local store and were so impressed with the quality, soft enough they can still jump and run in without restriction any movement! Adding a splash of plum to their autumn wardrobe is a must have :)

Price: £8
Average Price Online: £19
(hard to find online actually)
Saving: £11

Keep an eye out for more bargain finds next week :)
Where's your favourite place to get clothes for your little ones?


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  1. That cat jumper..!! I love it. And the boots. x

  2. I love Sainsburys for clothes! I have to admit, I don't like most clothing from supermarkets as I think the quality is so poor and hard to wash, but sainsburys have the best quality by far! Love the little Gilet and we have the cat tshirts too!

    Kay xxx


  3. I love supermarkets too for little ones clothes! The cat jumper and t-shirts are too cute! X #SundayBest

  4. I love supermarket clothes, always find them to be good value and usually better quality than the likes of Primark. Haven't tried sainsburys clothing as there isn't one local too us, but these look lush! Love the cat stuff x

  5. We normally shop at Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury's for Bethany's clothes. I absolutely love those boots they are gorgeous. x #SundayBest

    Chloe @

  6. I'm obsessed with cats so love the jumper!! What a lovely selection. It's great that supermarkets do such lovely ranges these days :) x

  7. I love sainsbury's got babies clothes. Unfortunately, the store closest to me doesn't stick clothes and I rarely go to the larger store but when I do I always find something. I recently bought a few bits from tesco too. X


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