Friday, 26 September 2014

We're Butlins Ambassadors!

Good morning all!

As you might know if you follow me on social media, we were recently picked to be Butlins Ambassadors for 2014/15! I was so shocked to be picked and definitely wasn't expecting it, when I saw the email I may have gotten a little emotional...the fact we could now have our first family holiday was amazing! Butlins was always one of those places all my friends went when they were younger, but it was never somewhere I ever went, I actually didn't know just how much it has changed since then until I went in for the application, it was a whole new place, complete with amazingly designed hotels, funfairs and an array of restaurants too, all whilst being on the coast just adds the cherry on top! 

We are so lucky to have been picked, alongside another 9 lovely bloggers, we all get the same benefits and this is what the role provides;

  • 1 x 3 night weekend or 4 night midweek break to be taken in the school holidays
  • 1 x 3 night weekend or 4 night midweek break to be taken in the school term time.
  • The opportunity to stay in one of the 3 amazing hotels in Bognor Regis!
  • Dining package (breakfast and dinner) for your stay on both of the breaks
  • Up to 6 people per family may visit per break (3 generational holidays are encouraged!).
Everything we could possibly need in terms of a quality family holiday together! We've actually chosen the Shoreline Hotel for our first break which will be in the next few months! Eek!

In return, we get to do the fun bit, the bit we love the most, the blogging about our trips! We will review the different areas including accommodation, dining, service and more, it's our chance to provide you with an honest and genuine review of the resorts, just because the trips are provided for free, does not mean we 'have to' be nice and positive either, our aim is to help those of you who, like us, want a proper family holiday and need a genuine upfront opinion to help you along your way! We are going to rate each section out of 10 and will be taking photos throughout our stay as well as Tweeting & Instgramming along the way!

Our First Trip - Bognor Regis
With this being our first time away as a family, just the 3 of us, we wanted to choose the resort that was closest to us, we are pretty lucky in that both Minehead and Bognor Regis are less than 2 hours away! We are heading over there over the next few months and cannot wait to get there, we've already written out our plans for the few days and a list of everything we need to take, have I mentioned i'm a bit OCD, it's only 2 A4 pieces long....

What's included;

Splash Waterworld - This is the main reason i'm on a diet at the moment, there is NO WAY i'm missing out on the water slides and splashing with Abbie! I think i'm more excited than all the other kids that are going...Whether it’s riding again and again on the raft rides and flumes or drifting around the lazy river, everyone will find their favourite place to play. And there’s a special shallow area for little ones, complete with mini slides and fountains which is ideal for their first experience in the water! Perfect for us as Abbie hasn't ever been swimming!

Traditional Fairground

An outdoor Traditional Fairground for older children and a specially designed Little Star's funfair for your little ones, there's definitely something for everyone! Plus it's all included when you book, which means you can go on all the rides as many times as you like, yay!

Live shows, crafts, family activities, sports coaching as well as the chance for your little ones to meet their favourite characters! Everything we could need all in one, oh and with a beach walking distance from every part of the resort, some sand angels will definitely have to be made, it'll be far too cold for a swim after all!

Visit all the other bloggers who were chosen too! It might help make up your mind on which resort sounds like the best one for your family!

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We won't give too much else away, but you can expect A LOT of photos when the posts go live! :)

For the Butlins Experience, take a look here :)


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