Friday, 24 October 2014

Christmas | Decorate with H&M

My favourite time of the year is only 61 days away! I don't care it's only October, I'm too excited to not talk about it ha ha! Christmas means so much more when you have your own child too so I can't wait to get the house decorated and start getting into the festive spirit properly! We took a little visit into Bath the other day where they're setting up fairy lights and christmas sections in a lot of stores which made me even more excited! 

I'm a big big fan of H&M when it comes to clothing, but didn't even realise until very recently that they also do homeware! Everything from bedding to kitchen utensils, cushions to placemats, everything you could possibly need to set your house up for all the seasons! I had a little browse this morning on their New Arrivals page and came across a whole bunch of Christmas goodies, and at amazing prices too, I think i've now found my source for all things Christmas this year!

Below I have created a little mood board of my favourite picks from the website, are you feeling Christmassy yet?? You are about to! :)

STRIPED - £3.99
 MERRY XMAS  - £3.99
SANTA - £7.99

GOLD STARS - £2.99
SANTA SACK - £7.99

Cosy Cushions!
Cushions are one of those necessities for the cosy winter home I think, the plumper the sofa or bed looks, the more inviting it becomes! Our bed is always full of them, I have about 20 different covers in the airing cupboard for rotating around the seasons, that is except for, Christmas ones! I do think a room looks pretty naked without them, they're that cosy effect you kinda need during the cold months, when you walk in through the door after some Christmas shopping, or a long day at work, the first you wanna do is sit on the sofa, take off your shoes, and relax!

Advent Calendar
They've been around for years and year and are pretty much a necessity when it comes to Christmas, Abbie is at the age now where she will understand the logistics and how they work! Unfortunately for her, chocolate gives her belly aches (just like her mummy), so we are going for something a bit different for her, still the same element of surprise, if not more, by using this adorable hanging calendar above! We are going to fill each day with a different little toy/non chocolate treat for her, nothing expensive, just something different every day! After a few days she should get onto the idea that she gets a little something every morning leading up to Christmas morning!

Growing up my Mum would always decorate the entire house from top to toe with the same decorations, they were mainly gold and red with every kind of bauble and hanging glitter you could think of! I used to absolutely love it, coming downstairs in the morning after she'd decorated and feeling so excited that Christmas was coming! Since Ben & I have been living together, we've had a different colour theme every year, last year we had blue and white which was so pretty, but this year i'm going back to my roots and go with good old red and gold! No tinsel, just some pretty fairy lights, baubles and star to go on top of the tree! 

In terms of the rest of the house we are planning on fairy lights around the stairs as we do every year, christmas bunting, candles, stockings and christmas sacks! I actually started Christmas shopping on Boxing Day last year and bought half of this years presents (thank god Abbie now likes Peppa Pig!) so i'm very prepared this year!

What are your plans for Christmas!?

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  1. I didn't know that H&M had a homewear section until recently either and now have a lot on my wishlist along with next :) xx

  2. I would love the fluffy blanket! I can never have enough of them.

    Alex x

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