Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weight Loss | Healthy Eating Week 1

I recently got to that stage where I looked at myself in the mirror and actually hated what I saw, I even cried a few times, how could I let myself get to that and not notice..sure I wasn't classed as overweight but I was the biggest I had been and didn't feel good about myself, so Ive been super motivated and started exercising and eating healthy, I wanted to share my journey with you all, sharing with you what I've been eating and the exercise I've been doing, as well as weekly weigh ins and measurements too!

I've been using My Fitness Pal after being recommended it from a few friends, I've used it a few times before but that was back when I didnt really need to lose weight, this time, it's a MUST. I've been super impressed with it and can really see just how much food i've been eating and the calories, fat content and sugar it all has in it, that mixed with me exercising 0% has really made me unhappy with my body. I'm fully determined this time, no treats, not until I reach that goal in December, i'm motivated and excited for the change!

What have I been eating?
Using My Fitness Pal i've been working out what I can and can't have in the day, what I tend to do is plan what i'm going to eat for the day, then see what the calories are and what I have left or what I have to substitute, Sunday for example I was going to make sweet and sour chicken for dinner, but the sugar content was so huge I would've gone over, so we changed it to something else..The app took into consideration my current weight and active levels to determine how many calories I should be consuming a day in order to lose my request of -2lbs loss per week, so my daily food intake has to be 1300!

You can see I learn pretty quickly what foods almost push me over the edge on my RDA's or calories, baked beans have become a treat now!

Off the menu!
Fizzy Drinks
Sugar in Tea

Height: 5 foot 8in
Starting Weight - 10st 13lbs
First Target - 10st (on or before our holiday in December)
Goal Weight - 9st 7lbs (pre-pregnancy weight)


Thursday 25th September

Breakfast | Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits With 125ml Semi-skimmed Milk

Lunch | Baked Beans and Jumbo Sausages

Dinner | 2 x Beef Burgers with Roasted Veg cous cous and parmesan cheese

Snacks | Nothing

TOTAL calories: 1200


Friday 26th September

Breakfast | Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits with 125ml semi skimmed milk

Lunch | Ham & Egg Salad
4 x Crab Sticks

Dinner | Pasta Bolognese with dash of parmesan cheese
Boiled egg left over from salad at lunch

Snacks | Muller Light Banana & Custard Yoghurt
Red Apple

TOTAL calories: 1381
Earned 101 extra calories through exercise


Saturday 27th September

Breakfast | Cheerio's with semi-skimmed milk

Lunch | Prawn cocktail salad with beetroot

Dinner | Jacket Potato with tuna, mixed veg and some beetroot

Snacks | Muller Light Banana & Custard yoghurt
Half Banana

TOTAL calories: 1072
Earned 138 extra calories through exercise


Sunday 28th September

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Half a banana

Lunch | Cous cous with stir fried veg & mozzarella cheese
Muller Light Strawberry yoghurt

Dinner | Omelette and chips with stir fried veg

Snacks | Nutri grain apple bar
1 chicken drumstick (random craving ha)

TOTAL calories: 1404
Gained 323 extra calories from exercising


Monday 29th September

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Half a banana

Lunch | Tuna salad with beetroot and mozzarella
3/4 Muller Light Strawberry yoghurt

Dinner | 2 Sausages with sweet potato mash & cous cous

Snacks | Handful of grapes
Muller Light Toffee

TOTAL calories: 1203
Earned an extra 260 calories from exercising


Tuesday 30th September

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Quarter of a banana

Lunch | Homemade Ham salad

Dinner | Sweet potato jacket with tuna & tbsp of salad cream
& stir-fried mixed veg

Snacks | 1 sugar ring doughnut

TOTAL: 1045
Earned 83 calories from exercise


Wednesday 1st October

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Half a banana

Lunch | Sweet potato jacket with salad and tomato pasta
1 tbsp salad cream

Dinner | Ham & onion Omelette with chips & salad

Snacks | 1/2 Nutri grain bar blueberry

TOTAL: 1140 calories
Earned 220 extra calories from exercise


Week 1 weigh in


Current weight: 10 stone 9lbs

YAY! Hard work really is paying off :)
And you don't have to completely restrict yourself either, i've had chips and a doughnut this week and still lost weight! Treats are okay so don't stress about them!

If you want to follow my journey, add me on MyFitnessPal @ourbabyblog


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  1. Great job ! Im interested to hear what exercises youre doing.

    1. Ive not been doing crazy stuff, just been jogging up and down the living room/kitchen for 10-15 minutes to start myself off, have been out walking with Abbie in the pushchair and some wii fit stuff! Am starting the 30 day shred at the beginning of November to tone up too! x

  2. Hi Jess, I'd say I'm in a similar position to you weight wise, I'm 21 and 5'7. My weight has always hovered around the 9st 2lb mark, but I ate quite healthy but could get away with the odd chocolate bar (addicted!) and I've always walked a lot so was fine. The lightest I've been was 8st 5lb last year when I was super fit! However I have just gotten back from a 4 month trip to America, and I knew I'd put on some weight because a lot of my clothes felt tight! Anyway I'd put on over a stone and am now 10st 6lb! I wanted to cry, it's horrible! I can't afford to join a gym atm as I don't have a job, also not having a job means I'm sat down a lot more which isn't helping :( What do you do for exercise? I go for runs but I'm really struggling to get back into it! Also I am now cooking for my mum and dad a lot as my mum is ill, which means I'm eating the food that they like and not being as healthy as I would like to meal-wise. It's difficult! Sorry for giving you my life story there haha.Thanks for posting your food plan, it looks good and I think I might steal some meal ideas! Good luck!! xxx

    1. Hi Becca :)

      Firstly don't apologise! I love long comments! :)
      Secondly, you're in a healthy weight range like me, I honestly don't do tons of exercise, every day I do something though and don't have a rest day, 30 minutes a day, just been jogging up and down the living room/kitchen for 10-15 minutes to start myself off, have been out walking with Abbie in the pushchair and some wii fit stuff! Am starting the 30 day shred at the beginning of November to tone up too! I too cant afford the gym, plus I'm far too shy and introvert to go haha. It's hard to get back into it all, we've been eating so much junk for a good 6 months and its so much easier just to sit down and eat crap! But I got to the point where I just felt disgusting and that was the kick up the butt I needed! Don't put too much pressure on yourself, go for a run when you can, or stay in a just jog on the spot for 10 minutes, it really can help! Have you seen the 30 day shred? You can do it at home and it's a 30 minute a day exercise, its tough apparently but the results are insane! It's hard when you can't make what you want, maybe you could introduce them to some other healthy foods? They might be surprised :).


  3. i think i need to take a leaf out of your book in order to lose the baby weight! i went from 9st pre-preg to 11st at the end of my pregnancy. i'm now 10st after birth so i really need to lose another stone. your meals actually sound yummy!

  4. Looking forward to following your journey lovely. I'm in the exact same position at the moment. i'm at my biggest and heaviest and hate myself for it because i don't know how i let myself get this way. I was 10st 13 when i fell pregnant with Riley and now hovering around 13st 11 :( . Need to seriously kick my butt in to gear and start shifting it!

    Vikki xxx
    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

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