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Review | Thule Ride Along

Not too long ago, we were introduced to the amazing brand known as Thule, a brand designed with active families in mind to bring you products such as bike carriers, sport strollers, bike seats and luggage to name a few! Whatever adventure your family will go on next, Thule have you covered to make your experience safe easy and stylish! 

The Thule brand was established in 1942. Under the motto Bring your life, Thule globally offers a wide range of premium products for active people that allow them to bring what they care most for safely, easily and in style. It offers among other things roof racks, bike carriers, roof boxes, computer/camera/sports bags and child related products like child bike seats and multifunctional strollers. The products are sold in more than 125 countries world-wide!

"Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit. Wherever you're going, whatever you're bringing. With Thule, you're free to live your active life to the full."

Bring your board.

Bring your bike.
Bring your skis.
Bring your love.
Bring your passion.
Bring your dreams.
Bring your life.

We were given the opportunity to review the fantastic product RideAlong and have been using it for the past few weeks with Abbie and now wanted to share our experience with you all! 

I was so excited to start using this, as soon as it arrived and we unpacked it, Abbie was trying to sit in it whilst it was on the floor, she was completely intrigued by it and knew straight away it was something she'd be sitting in! The assembly was a little fiddly but to be expected really, products like this need to take a little bit longer to ensure complete safety for your little ones, so we didn't mind it took a while. Once secured to the bike, we popped Abbie's helmet on and put her straight into the seat, securing her legs was easy and can be done using only one hand which is a plus! We kept the seat upright as she's used to it with her highchair and pushchair, however it can be reclined to 5 different reclining positions to suit every child!

As soon as Ben pulled away Abbie instantly lit up and the biggest smile came on her face, she loves motion anyway and loved being high up as well, she was a little annoyed she couldn't really move her legs but soon got over that as Ben went around the corners, although when we took the photos after the 3rd time she no longer wanted her legs strapped in, we were both confident and happy she was still secure and safe so let her legs stay unstrapped as she is sturdy and old enough to keep them still!

 My heart melted seeing her enjoying herself so much, it was like Christmas Day for her! We will definitely be using this for future bike rides and more so in the Summer when the sun is shining! I have so many memories when I was younger of family bike rides around Gloucester, riding through the woods and loving all the big bumps, they're fond memories I would love Abbie to have and now she can! :)

Here are a few features and details!

Technical Specifications

Built in reflector 

Comfortable premium harness 

Foot straps 

Height-adjustable foot rests 
Height-adjustable harness 
Protection wing 
Quick release bracket*
Reclining Seat 
Safety buckle 
Seat length adjustment lever 
One Key System Compatible 
Recommended Ages 9 months to 6 years
Weight 5 kg
Warranty 5 years

*The universal quick release bracket allows seat to mount/dismount from bike in seconds and is compatible with most bike frames.

Childproof safety buckle with large buttons quickly secures child
Detachable, water-repellent padding is machine washable and reversible, offering two color options.

Built-in reflector and safety light attachment point provides added visibility.
Lockable with Thule One-Key System (lock included).

Meets international safety standards.

 We really really REALLY love the RideAlong, it's perfect for getting the little ones out the house into the fresh air whilst the parents get some exercise too, yay! I was really surprised at just how sturdy it was, it's amazing how far products have come and I feel 100% confident with Abbie secured into the seat which is a lot to say from an anxious mummy! I can't recommend this enough, whether you use it to take on holiday or just for a local bike ride, the whole family can enjoy a lovely day out!

Also, if both parents want to use the seat, instead of having to take the seat off and on and mess around with all that again, all you need to do is buy an extra quick-release bracket for just £25 and put this on the second bike! Done!

Visit the Thule website for more amazing products and to purchase your very own RideAlong!

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  1. Ahhh what a fabulous review! I love the peppa pig helmet too. So cute. She is a doll. We have been talking about getting the whole family bikes for sometime now. But haven't decided on two back seats for our tots or if we should get a trailer. It's a hard decision. But this may have swayed me. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Great to see you there. #sharewithme

    1. She loved it so much, its nice to bring some of my childhood to Abbie as well, this is going to be used so so much over the next few years! :). xx

  2. That looks fabulous. My bike has been languishing in the garage for far too long - maybe when the spring comes around again, I will get it out and get something like this for my youngest to ride on.

    1. Definitely worth it, even for just a random bike ride every now and then, it's so much fun and everyone gets out :) xx

  3. Great photos, such a cutie. We have recently bought a rear bike seat for our youngest but bad weather has prevented us from using it yet. It is a great way to get out and get active together. #sharewithme


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