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Hello all!
As you probably know by now, we were chosen as Butlins Ambassadors for 2014/15! Our role entitles us to 2 breaks away to review the whole Butlins experience, from the activities to the accommodation  through to the staff and the surroundings! We recently got back from our first trip and can honestly say we had THE best time! It was our first holiday away together and things couldn't have gone any more perfect! :)

To start off Part 1 of our review, I thought I would kick things off with the Accommodation as it's probably one of the most important factors, so without further ado, here is what we thought!

Walking into the lobby was straight away festive and magical, lots of fairy lights and Christmas trees with presents, Abbie LOVED it so much, it took me 15 minutes to get her away from it all and up into the room! 

We booked into one of the Family rooms and specifically asked to be on one of the top floors away from the noise of the main restaurant. The room itself is pretty basic, but enough space for the 3 of us, i've never been one to pay a lot of money for an actual hotel as you don't ever spend any time in there other than for sleeping! 

As you step through the door you have a little hallway with the kids area on the right, this includes a double bunk bed with storage under the bed and a cabinet with a TV and DVD player! Simple but all you need for winding the little ones down ready for bedtime! The hallway had lots of storage space for all your clothes, suitcases and bags, hanging space, an iron and ironing board, and even a little safe to keep all your valuables in when you're not in the room! Walking to the end of the little hallway is the main bedroom, complete with a mini fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, tv & dvd player and a hairdryer too! There were towels on the bed that were made into the shapes of elephants which was a lovely little touch, Abbie however pulled the off before i could snap a photo!

The decor was simple and although the room had a little wear and tear, it wasn't enough to bother us and was to be expected really, the rest of the room was spotlessly clean and tidy too! My only little qualm would have to be the "kingsize" bed, not actually a kingsize but 2 singles pushed together, I wouldn't have mind so much but one of them was slightly higher than the other so it was pretty uncomfortable, the mattresses on both were firm and a bit lumpy too so not the best night sleep for me, but I understand why they've used the 2 singles, it's convenient for them to either push them together or to keep them separate as per the customers requests, so I don't mind too much, just might've been nice to know before arriving so we could bring a thick blanket to put on over the mattress!

We were really surprised at how big it was, it had a lovely modern design and also the added bonus of a HUGE bath which Ben could actually fit in! Again it was super clean and perfect for our little family! :). Abbie absolutely LOVED the little yellow duck that came with it too, it was the first thing she asked for when we walked in the door! Easily enough space for a bigger family too, you are provided with a few little toiletries but nothing big so make sure to take your own bits too! I loved that they provide you with a little step up to the sink for the little ones, so much easier for them to brush their teeth on!

Last but not least, the view. I actually forgot that we had booked a partial sea view with our room so that was an amazing little surprise, I've seen other reviewers mention the car park was the first thing they saw outside their window, which yes is correct but your eyes automatically go straight to the sea and the beach! It was absolutely gorgeous throughout the day and was amazing to hear the waves too!  For that little bit extra money I'd definitely recommend booking the sea view, it really makes the room that much better :). Below i have taken photos throughout our stay of the view, I think i've fallen in love with Butlins a little bit more!

If you can't jet ski in the middle of December, when can you eh?

Overall the Accommodation was exactly what we expected, spotlessly clean, plenty of storage space, quiet and a gorgeous view from the 3rd floor! If you can book a Stateroom I would highly recommend it, however a partial sea view is definitely second best and made the time we spent in our room even nicer :)

Come back for our review in a few days of the Dining too!

Visit the Butlins website to book you and your family in for a wonderful holiday for 2015! I promise you won't regret it!

Jess x

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  1. It looks and sounds amazing, can't wait to read more about your stay! xx

  2. It looks amazing, I can't wait to read about what you got up to x


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