Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fifteen Festive Favourites!

Hello all!
I was recently tagged by the lovely Jenna from Chic Geek Diary to take on the "Fifteen Festive Favourites", tag, I'm a bit of a sucker for anything Christmassy or Tag's for that matter so this was perfect for me! I tag all of you to get involved too!

1. Favourite Festive Food
Oh it has to be pigs in blankets, I could literally eat about a hundred of them, I wasn't even going to do turkey this year and just do those ha ha.

2. Favourite Reindeer
Vixen? IS that one? I like the name ha ha.

3. Favourite Day of Christmas
Christmas Day! Waking up and going downstairs with Abbie, showing her the presents, sitting together having breakfast before digging in to the presents, chocolate, biscuits and other yumminess!

4. Favourite Christmas Song
Oh oh oh I can't choose just one, the three songs that always get me into the spirit and brings back lots of memories are;

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time
Wizzard - I wish it could be Christmas every day

& anything Michael Buble sings ;)

5. Favourite Present
Anything camera-like, perfume and chocolate!

6. Favourite Festive Film
Elf! I literally can never get bored of it, every day I can watch it and will still laugh the exact same every time! Next it has to be Home Alone 2, it was my inspiration to go to New York and made my little childhood dream come true! :)

7. Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
I don't even know what they put in them anymore, can i just choose the party hat? It's a necessity!

8. Favourite Cracker Joke
Why is it getting harder to buy Advent calendars? Because their days are numbered! - I had to google them, couldn't remember any but this one made me smile!

9. Favourite Christmas Decoration
Fairy lights! They make the house look so festive and pretty, I love driving past houses with the whole outside decorated in them too, I just don't think I have the patience to do it all ha! 

10. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
I actually had one last year that I can't remember the name of, it was some sort of Gingerbread man scent that literally smelt like i'd been baking all afternoon!

11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert
The Coca Cola ad, it's a classic! Everyone knows it and it's not changed or updated in the years i've known it on tv which is amazing too! 

12. Favourite Festive Tradition
I guess for now it's that Abbie puts the star on the tree, but as she gets older we will probably make a couple of our own baubles to go on the tree too!

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
At home :) being somewhere familiar is a must! Although every year we would go to my Nan's for Boxing Day and it was the best day ever, lots of food, games and extended family too! I miss it actually, I've not had the whole family get together thing for about 8 years so over the next few years i'd love to have it again!

14. Favourite Christmas Fact
I had to google this one too but this one is unusual..

Mistletoe is from the Anglo-Saxon wordmisteltan, which means “little dung twig” because the plant spreads through bird droppings....who wants a kiss now?? ><

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory
It's gotta be a scarf, then you can cover up the fact you couldn't make a proper circle shape for his head.


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  1. Love this tag! Mines scheduled to go live on Monday I think :) That photo of Abbie is so so lovely! x


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