Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions for 2015!

Happy New Year all!
I can't quite believe it's 2015, I remember writing 2000 in my text books at school after being used to writing 1990 something for so long, a big adjustment that was ha ha. 2014 has flown by, like literally flown by, so much happened and I feel like i've forgotten to do so much!

But in true New Year tradition, I wanted to make some new resolutions, I'm one of those annoying people who make plans and stick to them as much as possible and try and get everyone else to do the same! I love making goals and I love completing them even more, I do try and keep them realistic though so I think that really helps! If you wanted to read my resolutions from last year, click here :)

Last years resolutions were...

Sort out the house - I think I can safely say I did keep this one, I sorted every room, cleaned, kept them tidy (mostly) and kept on top of the house work too, it wasn't too hard to be honest and there were times when I just thought sod it, and had a day chilling out with Abbie but her room got cleared out as did every other room, granted now Abbie's room is acting as a storage room because she doesn't sleep in there but it's all organised now instead of just stuff thrown everywhere!

Be Healthy! - Ha ha, I stuck to it for the first quarter, then we all enjoyed ourselves a bit too much till September, i'm talking lots of takeaways, chocolate, biscuits, you name it, we ate it! And it was lots of fun, I won't lie, but when it came to looking in the mirror after months of that, it wasn't a nice feeling, I didn't feel good in my skin and I felt disgusting to put it nicely...I looked through Abbie's photos from her birthday and I just didn't like my body, i'm usually pretty tall and lanky and any excess weight goes straight to my thighs and belly so I looked out of proportion, but I put my foot down and over the last 3 months I have lost a total of 26lbs and feel like myself again, so yes, by the end of the year, I kept my resolution! :)

Save money! - YES! After we cut out all the takeaways and unnecessary expenditure, we ended up finding out that we weren't struggling for the rent as much, we were saving so much money and meant we could treat our loved ones at Christmas a little bit too!

I've clearly blabbered on too much on last years so here is what I am hoping for 2015!

Learn to drive!
This is at the very top of my list and is the one thing I really really really want for this year, the sooner the better too I think! I want to be able to have that independence of going out and doing more things rather than having to wait for Ben to finish work so we can go in the car together. I'd love to be able to take Abbie out and have proper Mother Daughter time, little lunches and to meet up with friends and family during the week too, normality for a lot of people and something I want for us!

Stay fit and Healthy
This shouldn't be too hard as I am very very motivated still, I was lucky to lose my weight quickly and for it to have stayed off, I'm now able to eat normally and I always make healthy choices with a treat day once a month this year now, as opposed to summer last year being 3 times a week! No wonder I put on weight eh! I honestly think it's easier to keep fit when you have a child, you are given that push to go out with them, take them for walks and to the park etc, so as long as we keep our little adventures up and woodland walks, I think I should be ok :)

More Family Day Trips
With Abbie only ever being able to nap next to me on the sofa, we've never been out for the day before, i've always been pretty envious of everyone who's little ones have fun in the morning then sleep in the pushchair and carry on their day, but it was never an option for us, no matter how much we tried! So this year we are looking forward to our next Butlins trip in June, trips to the beach, little Zoo adventures as well as animal parks and maybe even a little trip to the kids cinema! I want Abbie to experience so much and now she's well and truly running around, talking for Britain and able to enjoy everything and get involved, I want to share everything with her!

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