Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Ordinary Moments | Tantrums!

Hello all! Long time no speak I know, hope you are all well!

This week I wanted to join in with The Ordinary Moments by Mummy Daddy Me as I enjoyed reading lots of other lovely bloggers posts last year and thought it would be a fun thing to do every Sunday! The life of a toddler is always full of fun and exciting things, but sometimes its the little ordinary moments that happen regularly or even the things we just take for granted, that mean the most, so capturing some of these is a great memory saver!

Those of you with a 2 year old will know they can turn from Jekyll straight into Hyde in seconds, one minute they're the loveliest little cherub possible and suddenly in the blink of an eye they explode with emotion and they do not care if they are in public either..

So there we were, enjoying some quality time together, a lovely little winter's walk (a bloody freezing one at that), when we spotted them, the huge muddy puddles in the distance, usually not a problem when Abbie has her wellies on, but typically on this day we couldn't find them anywhere so her smart boots where the only way to go...we tried distracting her, trying to get her involved in the trees and leaves she was ever so fascinated in 2 minutes ago, but it was too late, she'd seem them, and she wanted to be in them, this resulted in me running and grabbing her just as she was about to set foot into Peppa Pig's idea of heaven, that was it, I was the most hated person in Britain. 

Her back arched, her feet kicked, her face looked positively distraught and the screams were met with little smiles and giggles from passers by, it was a long 60 seconds, but we made it, we walked past every puddle, and all was forgotten, Abbie was back and peace was resumed...well, until I wouldn't allow her to walk in a restricted area that is, but still, we all survived the traumatic event, phew!

I didn't realise Ben had taken these photos, but I'm actually glad he did, they make me giggle, and will be great to show Abbie when she's older too!

What is a toddlers life without tantrums? Pretty damn boring if you ask me, they can be stressful, funny and damn right silly, but it's all part of bringing up a child, you go through bad times and you learn to deal with them, I tend to share all the lovely happy photos on here so thought this could break the cycle and give you all a little giggle and a ''I know how that feels'' moment too!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Aww bless! Great photos though - despite the tantrum!

    I'm looking forward to the "terrible twos" - yes there'll be tantrums but there'll be personality to match!!

  2. These photos are brilliant. I love it, yes definitely an 'I know how that feels' moment. My 13 month old has started way too early with this for my liking but with a 2 year old brother I should've expected it. Lovely post. Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for ;) #ordinarymoments

  3. Lovely photos which have definitely captured 'the moment'! My little boy is only 17 months but has a feisty personality and definitely knows what he wants- terrible twos here we come. A lovely post :)
    Amelia x #ordinarymoments

  4. Haha love this post and love the photos, they will be fab to show her when she is older!! Tantrums are indeed part of life with toddlers and they can be very amusing :) xx #ordinarymoments

  5. This did make me giggle! I feel you! I can totally relate. Brilliant photos, I am sure she will appreciate when she is older! Bless her. It is hard being two! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a moment to remember! x

  6. What a great moment to capture on camera! I'm sure it wasn't easy at the time but as you say, tantrums are just part of life with a toddler. And she looks like she's really giving it her all, bless her! Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for...

  7. That second photo sums up life with a two year old - unpredictable and uncontrollable! I remember this phase well and am not looking forward to getting there with Little Man! Thanks for linking up x

  8. Oh I love this! Such an ordinary moment (but not too ordinary thankfully!) and it so sums up life with a toddler. Tantrums do happen. LL is going through them at the moment, it's so funny as she can hardly talk yet so she just throws herself on the floor in a strop! xx


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