Sunday, 18 January 2015

Toys from my Childhood!

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Just recently I've become pretty nostalgic, there have been rather a lot of Buzzfeed posts the past few months about 90's toys and I have been realising more and more how awesome it was to be a child! Toys were pretty much the best thing in your life and you knew when Christmas or your birthday was coming up, you'd be able to ask for the new Barbie you'd seen on the BBC adverts, finally!

Nowadays it's all technology for kids, iPad's, pretend Laptops etc, and peronsally I see nothing wrong with them, technology is improving and that's a part of the world we are now part of, a lot of people find it wrong, but for me I grew up when  computers were only just around properly and it  didn't really interest me until I hit the age of about 12, before that I was more interested in sitting in my room and playing all day, or playing outside and getting lots of fresh air. So on the subject of toys from my childhood I thought I would share the nostalgia and share with you some of my favourite things from the 90's and a little bit of the 00's too! How many can you remember?

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Screwball Scramble
The excitement I would feel when one of my friends told me they had this game was overwhelming. So much fun from a little plastic game and marbles! I was never able to complete it as that silly little maze thing used to confuse the hell out of me, looking at it now, it's pretty obvious so I think i'm gonna have to get it for Abbie and complete my childhood dream of finishing this! Ha ha. I'm actually really happy this game is still around and that they haven't refurbed it either, could you imagine, they'd probably build a climbing wall, a swimming pool and some sort of mode of transport to carry the bloomin' ball!

The Sims
If you know me personally, you know just how much I was obsessed with The Sims, not just a little bit, i'm talking completely addicted to it. Once I had a computer in my room when I was about 13/14, I would be on as soon as I got home from school, sure sometimes I'd go out, but what was possibly better than building your dream house with lots of money cheats and creating your entire family and friends circle as if it was REAL! Ha ha, my friend Melissa would come over and we would be on it from say 6pm through to about 4am sometimes, no i'm not kidding, I had a problem..still, it was so much fun, it was great for my imagination to expand and as I played it from the age of 10, it was where my love of designing and graphics came to light, so thank you EA games ;). Can you believe they're now on the Sims 4 too! Now I feel old!

Pogo Sticks
I can't believe I found the one I actually had as a child! I was obsessed with it, I have a video I should dig out somewhere of me literally on it for about an hour and a half, it my parents mustve loved it, it certainly wore me out! They bring back so many memories of my Dad trying his hand on it too..we're talking about a 6ft 3 broad bloke determined to beat his 10 year old daughters best score of how many bounces you can do until you put your foot down! I remember a bunch of us from my little street all got one and would have competitions on who could stay on the longest, lots of fun and definitely wore us out!

What were your favourite toys when you were a child?


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  1. I think I had all if these, I can remember screwball scramble it was so noisy

    1. Ahh yes I forgot about the noise! So much fun though :) x


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