Friday, 6 February 2015

Introducing NowTV!

Today I am sharing with you the amazing tv service brought to you by NowTV!

We were super lucky over Christmas to test out their limited edition box and join in with the Winter Onesieland watch along! I have to say, this was one of the most fun opportunities i've been offered, we were each sent a onesie, with a huge hamper full of yummy goodies and had to watch along with The Muppets movie, such a lovely family afternoon stuffing our faces and snuggled up...pure bliss! 

We couldn't believe just how much was available for us to watch, there is literally something for everyone, the toddlers, the teenagers and the adults, with family favourites, new releases and the popular well known names! We hadn't ever really sat down together and watched a film as Abbie is far too wriggly but she happily danced along to The Muppets and couldn't stop giggling at Kermit, she thought he was brilliant! 

Setting everything up was super easy and quick, and we love love love our limited edition NowTV box too, such a funky little pattern! Who knew such a little box could bring so much fun? We have been using it at least a few times a week since we received it and can't remember what we did without it!

So what is NowTV? You've probably heard of it, and been tempted into it, but what does it actually do and mean? The NOW TV Box is a great way for you to get all that Sky Movies and Sports have to offer directly on your TV at home. All you need is a TV and Wi-Fi internet connection, no contract is needed! The little box simply turns your TV into a Smart TV!

With the Sky Movies Month Pass you can watch the latest movies you missed at the cinema. That means you can ejoy up to 16 premieres every month and there are over 1000 movies available on demand at the click of a button! Not sure if it's right for you? You can start a 30 day FREE trial of Sky Movies, then if you want to carry on,  it’s just £9.99 a month. No contract either so if you're a bit tight on money, you can dip in and out whenever you like.

With this package you receive 13 of the best pay TV channels that you won’t find on Freeview without a contract. Watch live, catch up on missed episodes or get stuck into over 250 box sets from the start (so addictive!) all for just £6.99 a month.

This is one of the main reasons we wanted to try out the contract, Ben loves his sport so this was exactly what suited him perfectly! You can get the biggest matches and events live on every single Sky Sports channel, unlike usual Sky you only pay for the days you want to watch as opposed to spending ££ per month when you only watch a few matches! No contract again and it's just £6.99 at the moment too!

Where do I get the NOW TV box from? 
You can buy the NOW TV box from the website directly and once delivered, simply hook up the your box to the back of the TV, connect to WIFI and you’ll be watching on your TV in minutes. Get NOW TV passes and catch up on the TV you love from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. 

Don’t fight over the remote, register up to 4 devices and watch on 2 at the same time, including Chromecast, PS4™, PS3™, Xbox One, Xbox®360, Roku, YouView†, LG Smart TV, PC or Mac, Mobile*, Tablet and more!

Plus you can get even more value with our NOW TV Box packs too!

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