Monday, 16 February 2015

Recipe | Sukrin Gluten Free Cake with Choc Chips!

Hello all!
As you can probably tell by my posts the past few weeks, i've been getting into baking again! I love it so much, literally I could bake every single day! Last month's Degustabox gave me a product I was pretty excited to get trying, we received the SUKRIN Cake Mix, a Free From mix which is sugar free, gluten free, wheat free and egg free too! It is also made with a sweetener, so you can create a delicious, moist and flavourful cake but with 80% LESS carbs too. Use it as it is or add your own extra ingredients for different flavours!

I've said this before but i've always been a bit wary of free from products, the few i've tried have usually been a bit bland, but I wanted to try this ever since it arrived, and since i've changed to a healthier lifestyle, I don't want to miss out on yummy cakes!

If you are wanting to keep it gluten, wheat and sugar free, make the recipe just as I have but without the chocolate chips! :). However, I know ASDA sell some gluten free chocolate buttons which would work too, just place them in the bottom of your baking tray before adding your cake mixture!

What you will need;
Sukrin Cake Mix
3 Eggs
150ml water
75ml oil - I recommend Rice Bran Oil but you can use veg oil!
Optional - White & Milk Choc Chips

Firstly put your oven on at 180 degrees!

Mix together your 3 eggs (or your choice of egg replacer), water & oil using a whisk

Add your cake mix and whisk together until smooth

Add chocolate chips too if using!
Pour into a greased 8x8 round cake tin and pop on the middle shelf of the oven for 30-35 minutes

It might feel a little soft on the top but prop a skewer or knife into the centre, if it comes out clear, it's cooked! Now leave to cool and to harden slightly! If you have added chocolate chips, they will sink to the bottom of the cake, so yummy! 

I cannot even begin to tell you how heavenly this cake is, without blowing my own whistle, it is easily the best cake i've ever eaten too, seriously, and i've eaten a lot of cakes. It was such a surprise, I wasn't expecting it at all, it was moist, perfectly sweet, fluffy and super tasty. Whether you're on a special kind of diet, diabetic or even just fancy something a bit healthier, this is so perfect, guilt free too!

Visit the Sukrin website for more delicious recipes and other amazing products!


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