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Review | Degustabox January

Today I will be sharing my opinions on this month's Degustabox with you all, Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that provides you with a surprise of 9-14 products from sweet to savoury, fresh ingredients to drinks, even brand new items you may not have heard of yet! 

I think one of my favourite things about this is the surprise of what you're getting, what I loved most about this box is how healthy it was, perfect for those who are starting the new year on a healthy eating plan, as this arrived after my treat day, I was motivated getting straight back into the normal routine without the little temptations! This box was packed full of products which makes the £12.99 price tag even more reasonable! I dove straight in and had a look at what we had..

Alfa One Rice Oil
I've never heard of this before but as I've said before I am always looking for healthier alternatives to the "normal" foods, olive oil is full of calories and really isn't full of anything too good, a little drizzle here or there is fine but if there was something out there that was  better, you'd choose it right? This is high in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and has been shown to reduce cholesterol absorption too! It is one of the healthiest and more versatile cooking oils making it perfect for any dish!

Koko Dairy Free
Growing up I was actually allergic to cow's milk, I always had Soya milk instead and as I got older I realised I actually really didn't like the taste of it at all! Back then, there weren't many alternatives so I just didn't drink milk at all until I was about 20, seriously, and even now I deal with it on my cereal but that's about it, I can't stand drinking it! Koko Milk is a unique alternative to cows milk made with coconut milk instead, contains less calories than cows milk, has 0% cholesterol and is allergen free too! I don't think i'll be drinking milk anytime soon but it is good to use in cooking so will be adding it to my scrambled eggs tonight!

Simplee Aloe
I'm always a bit nervous about trying 'health drinks' they tend to be packed full of sugar and can be a little well, weird. But I was pleasantly surprised about this one, when you think of Aloe Vera you probably think about the plant, then soothing medicines right? Don't worry though its mixed with grape juice and a squeeze of lemon to create a super tasty and healthy drink! Definitely a lovely smooth texture, almost smoothie like, and something I would buy in the future!

I used to always eat a huge bowl of Frosties for breakfast, I'm talking huge, but I decided to go for something a little different and swap to porridge about a week ago now, 30g of Ready Brek usually with a sprinkling of coconut, it's pure bliss and filling too! I gave these to Ben as he's really trying to start eating breakfast recently and he loved them, the nutella one especially! I think people tend to turn their noses up at porridge because it can be considered bland without sugar, I was one of those people, but you can top them with so many different things, there is bound to be something that will encourage you to have yours, whether it's a sprinkling of coconut, a spoonful of peanut butter, nutella or golden syrup, all those things can turn regular porridge into something more appealing, that's why I think Mornflake is such a good concept!

Clipper Green Tea
I never thought I'd be one of those people who would say this, but I LOVE green tea, I don't know what's happened! Ha, I used to find it disgusting but it's now something I reach for almost every morning with my porridge! It's refreshing, detoxing and makes you feel good too! After watching Kerry's vlogs over at Lived With Love, I was intrigued to get into it to see what the fuss is all about, and it's her fault that i'm now a bit addicted to it! Ha ha.

Finn Crisp
As soon as I read these out to Ben he straight away said how horrible Rye crisp breads are, so I was a bit reluctant with it, however I bit the bullet and went for it and was surprisingly surprised (I can use those 2 words together right?), they are only 22 calories per slice and are great as a snack or even as a lunch too! I've just had mine with tuna on top with a sprinkling of salad and beetroot too, and I can honestly say it was delicious! There's emoting about wholegrain that makes me belly feel more settled than say white bread, these are surprisingly (that word again, I know), filling too, 20% fibre and free from any sort of additives, there is nothing bad for you about these!


Sukrin Cake Mix
Another brand i'd not heard of before, but seeing as i've been a bit of a house wife recently with all this baking, I was so excited to see this in my box! Who even knew cakes could be healthy!? Ok it's not completely good for you but it has 80% less carbs than other mixes, plus it is sugar free, gluten free, wheat and egg free as well! I was intrigued to try this as I will admit, when I see something free from so many things I just imagine it'll taste like cardboard and be completely tasteless, but I will be baking with it next week and posting my recipe so I will let you know what I think!

Little Miracles
£1.48 each
I always love finding drinks in my box, up until recently the only thing i've been drinking is water, with the occasional orange squash too, so it's nice to try new drinks to quench my thirst! First things first, it has got a lot of sugar, 23% of your RDA actually, but that's pretty normal in terms of an 'energy' drink, sugar gives you a boost and that comes from the sugar mainly so don't think about that too much! The two flavours are amazing, never ever would I choose this if I was out and about, i'm more of a plain water person but I really really loved the white tea one the most, it was sweet, balanced, flavoursome and really did give me a little buzz after a crappy nights sleep! The Black Tea one was nice but I felt it left a bit of an aftertaste, so it kinda ruined it for me a bit!

Kabuto Noodles
A healthier pot noodle is the first thing I thought of when I saw this, and i'm not completely wrong, however the flavours were amazing, I added a tiny pinch of salt to bring out the flavours a bit more and it was much better, I felt like an American eating their chinese from a carton, just needed some chopsticks and I was there! I was surprised how fresh this tasted, I could tell exactly what was in it and didn't feel like it was processed or anything which I loved! 

Haywards Piccalilli
Last but not least, Piccalilli! I cannot remember the time I had this, it mustve been about 15 years ago, god now I feel old! My Nan would put it in a sandwich for me with some cheese, it was so yummy, I kinda forgot how good it was till I tried it again yesterday, literally scrummy, clearly not the most appetising thing to look at but don't judge a book by it's cover and all! It's great as a dip, on baguettes or even incorporated into recipes! It adds a tangy tough to lift your usual meals thats for sure!

If you're wanting to try a Degustabox, you can sign up here and use this code to save yourself some money too :) - GSSD9 meaning your first  box is only £6.99!


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