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Review | Degustabox March

Evening all!

It's at this time of the month I get a little bit too excited for the arrival of our Degustabox, I literally avoid Instagram until it's arrived so the surprise isn't spoilt by others who pop their pictures on there, ha ha. Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which gives you a surprise of 9-14 products, anything from sweet to savoury, fresh ingredients and even drinks, with brand new items you may not have heard of yet and your favourite well known brands too! I think one of my favourite things about the box is the surprise of what you're getting, it really is the perfect subscription service for us!

Here's what we received in our March Degustabox...

Jordan's Granola
I'm a big fan of granola, even since we started our healthier lifestyle i've been enjoying trying new ones for breakfast, however i've noticed that they're either full of sugar and pretty high in fat, or they taste like rabbit food! Jordan's have always been my favourite, the tropical one in particular, so when I saw the new 'lighter' version in this box I was super super happy, with a little bit less sugar and 30% less fat, it's definitely a healthier version and tastes bloomin' delicious too! 

As i've said before, i'm pretty wary with fruit juices, usually the shop bought ones are full of sugar which ends up upping the calorie count to the same as coca cola and the like! Juiceburst are an honest juice with 14 different flavours including 3 skinny versions too! Coming in at only 99cals per bottle, you get a yummy refreshing drink, without the calories and without all those sugars too! The Mango and lime was definitely my favourite!

It was only yesterday I was saying to Ben that I needed a good BBQ sauce, we had pork ribs and forgot to order a sauce to dip our chips into! Original Bavarian isn't a brand i'd heard of before because it's exclusive to Degustabox this month and not even available in the UK yet! Coming in 4 different flavours, Original, Beechwood, Honey & Mustard & Horseradish, each one is ideal for BBQ's marinades & dips, and as a way to spruce up your usual meals with a little tang! The Original sauce we received contains, cranberries, beer, honey and apples, definitely something I will be adding to future pulled chicken or beef recipes as well as on ribs and as a yummy marinade to ribs!

Lindt Assorted Mini Eggs
I love a good treat, and knowing this is the easter box, I knew Degustabox would give me something utterly yummy to enjoy! Two bags of Lindor smooth mini eggs, in milk chocolate, dark chocolate & white chocolate too, with the famous smooth centre in each one, a heaven sent treat perfect for Easter time! 

Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix
I may have done a little shriek when I saw these, Jelly Babies are my FAVOURITE sweets in the entire world, I could quite happily eat bag after bag without a care in the world! Instead of a bagful of all the flavours, Bassetts have now created a special bag with just the favourite flavours inside, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry! 

Sour Patch Kids
I'm not the biggest fan of sour sweets, especially after just trying some american ones which literally made my face screw up for what felt like an entire week! But these have the balance of sweet and sour just right, a much more subtle tang than other sweets i've tried of it's kind! A definite treat but very low in calories if you're craving something naughty, without the guilt too!

Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles
I'm already a big fan after being introduced to them a few boxes back with their meal kits! Now we have been given posh noodles which are perfect for lunch on the go or as a yummy hot snack! Made with all natural ingredients, low fat and low in calorie too! All you need to do is add water to the pot, stir well, wait and you've got a lovely little pot of Szechuan noodles! yummy! If you follow me on Instagram you'll see I had them for lunch today and absolutely loved them, so fresh, so tasty and filling too! 

A relatively new brand to the market but a brand we have actually worked with recently, with more recipes coming up soon too! They are a 100% naturally sourced alternative to artificial sweetener and sugar. With ZERO calories, non GM and has a low GI too, it's simple to use, just substitute your usual sugar in your cuppa with this and use instead of sugar in your favourite recipes too for a much much healthier version! 

Brioche Pasquier - Baked Bread Bites
Already being fans of the Brioche brand, we were both pretty excited to find out they make crisps too, I say crisps, these are made with real french bread so as the title says, bread bites! They are low in saturated fat, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives too! Abbie will be having these in the lunch so will let you know what she thinks too!

If you're interested in starting up your own subscription, whether it's just a one off to see what the fuss is all about, or you want in for the long run, here's a little discount for you, taking £3 off 5CXXU - making your first box only £9.99!

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  1. Oh that looks like a fab box. I'd def scoff all the sweets hehe x

  2. What a great selection, i'd be straight in there for the sweets! xxx


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