Saturday, 25 April 2015

Recipe | Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Happy Saturday!
Last week, I found a pretty yummy looking recipe online which I needed to try straight away! Combining two of my favourite things, cookies and oreo's, I figured how hard could it be? But these aren't just any regular Oreo cookies, oh no, they're Oreo Cheesecake Cookies! I'll admit, the idea of cream cheese in a sweet treat or dessert always makes me feel a bit weird, I love cheesecake but as soon as I remember it's actually made with cheese, it puts me off a little. But I decided as I had some free time, I would give it a good old bash!

The recipe I found said I needed an electric whisk, I don't have one, so I just used brute force and strength, and they came out just lovely so don't ever believe those recipes that tell you you NEED one, they're just being lazy ;)

Here's what you will need;

110g Cream Cheese (I used Philadelphia, the full fat one)
125g Plain Flour
90g Sugar (just the usual sugar you put in tea or coffee)
110g Unsalted Butter
12 x Oreos (I used the double stuff ones because they were on offer, but its up to you!)

Pop your oven on to 190 degrees

Add your cream cheese into a bowl and whisk/stir until softened

Now add in your butter and cream them both together, it doesn't have to look perfect, just do the best you can!

Now mix in your sugar and gradually add in your flour too, combine together until it looks something like this...

The people online said it should look soft and fluffy, mine looked more like scrambled egg, but hey, we work with what we've got..

Break up your oreos into whatever size you fancy (don't try cutting them, it takes bloody ages and makes a big mess...)

Next you need to pop some foil/cling film over the bowl and pop in the fridge for an hour (or best overnight)

Once chilled, roll them into 1 1/2 - 2 inch balls onto a baking tray, obviously make them smaller if you'd like more cookies or bigger if you want less, you could even just make one GIANT Oreo Cookie!! Yum! This batch made 11 cookies! Place them onto baking trays lined with baking sheets!

The recipe said they take 13-14 minutes, but I checked on mine after 10 and they looked like this, so a little overdone, I'd say they take about 8 minutes, but keep checking on them any way just to be sure, you want the edges to just be turning golden brown!

As you can see, the inside was creamy and moist (god I hate that word), but that's exactly how they were, the perfect texture for cookies, a little crisp on the outside but smooth in the centre, with an oreo piece in every bite and balanced perfectly with sugar and the cream cheese! A yummy, easy and quick recipe you can whip up in no time!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

10 Yummy Drinks for Spring/Summer

Afternoon all!
As the weather has been warming up recently, I've been drinking a lot lot more, i'm one of those people who struggles just to drink water by itself so am always thinking of new ways to spruce it up or to bring some flavour into them!

So I set off scouring Pinterest for some easy and delicious drinks for you and your family to make this spring/summer, just make sure you have yourself a good blender or even one of those fancy Nutri Bullets and get creating! You could even make up your own with different fruits and seasonings too, there's something that can be made for everyone!

Which is your favourite?

by BakingDom

Averie Cooks

by Jessica in the Kitchen

by Domesticate Me

by Domesticate Me

by Yummy Healthy Easy

by A Spicy Perspective

by Damn Delicious

by iheartnaptime

And a bit of a naughty one to finish it off, things were looking far too healthy up there! Ha ha
Oreo Milkshake

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter | Market Day!

Happy Easter all!

Hope you've all had a good weekend enjoying lots of chocolate, hot cross buns and other yummy treats! I've eaten so much I don't want to look at another bar of chocolate ever again (or until Tuesday anyway). It's amazing how crappy food makes you feel crappy too, i'm actually looking forward to getting back into the healthy eating routine tomorrow!

We don't really do anything special at Easter just yet, it's just a nice chance for us to spend some quality time together and enjoy all the perks that Easter brings! Next year though we plan on having an Easter basket for Abbie and an easter egg hunt too, it was something I remember having every year so want to give those memories to Abbie too!

Yesterday we headed out for the afternoon to a pretty little village with a castle, where Abbie ran around and wore herself out, she loves being outside and exploring so it was perfect for her! I filmed a little bit which you can watch here if you're interested, subscribe too if you fancy ;)

This morning we headed off to an Artisan market which we do every so often, it's pretty much a posh boot sale for the most part with so much food made fresh in front of you too, such as burgers, roast potatoes, chilli, japanese food and even handmade spring rolls, so so yummy! There are even live bands playing, pizza kilns on the go and the usual stalls you'd find at any normal market, it's something I thoroughly enjoy going! I'm a little bit obsessed with all the vintage suitcases and funky 60's storage boxes, pulling myself away from it all is so bloody hard!

As always I took a load of photos, and even some videos which I'm editing as we speak so look out for that, i'm no professional but i'm really enjoying making them at the moment!

Enjoy :)

Friday, 3 April 2015

Recipe | Orange & Chocolate Cake!

Happy Easter everyone! 

This time of the year is always chocolate galore, be it Easter Eggs, chocolate nests or scrummy yummy cakes, it's just tradition for us to devour more chocolate than our bodies can probably cope with, but it's such good fun and great for the little ones to get involved with too! Growing up I would always help my Nan out with some sort of cake or sweet treat at Easter, she was the Queen of baking in my eyes and always let me help out/lick the bowl and spoon (very important!). 

I don't know what made me choose an Orange & Chocolate cake, it was just something that came to me and I couldn't seem to budge the idea, I was very kindly sent the Sukrin cake mix and a few yummy chocolate bars so it was the perfect excuse to bake something naughty for Easter! 
I've already baked using the Sukrin mix before, you can view the recipe here, it is now my favourite go to cake mix and is by far the yummiest i've ever tried as well, what's better is it's also gluten free, hooray!

Last time I kept the recipe nice and simple by just adding some chocolate chips, however this time I really wanted something a bit more indulgent and gooey! If you're interested in how to bake one yourself, here is the recipe :)

Sukrin Cake Mix
3 Eggs
200ml Water
25g Cocoa
75ml Veg Oil
1 Orange (juice & zest both needed)
1 x Sukrin Choc Bar
4 x Cubes White Choc
Chocolate Frosting

Pop your oven on to 180 degrees

1. Add your eggs, oil and water to a bowl and whisk together until mixed thoroughly

2. Add in your cocoa powder and whisk into mixture

3. Next add in your cake mix and whisk together 

4. Zest one orange and add 3/4 to the mixture, also squeeze in the juice from half the orange

5. Pop your cake in the middle oven shelf for 30-35 minutes

6. Leave to cool for an hour or so..

7. Whilst you're waiting, chop up your sukrin chocolate bar and white chocolate into little chunks, and mix in the rest of your orange zest

8. Remove your cake from it's tray and leave to cool for another 20-30 minutes
Once it has cooled enough, spread over your chocolate frosting evenly, it's up to you how much you use!

9. Last but definitely not least, sprinkle the chocolate chunks and zest over your cake and you are ready to serve! 

Serve as it is or with some double cream, whipped cream or even ice cream, it is Easter after all ;)

And there you have it, a seriously delicious, gooey, chocolately, orangey, scrummy cake, just in time for Easter, perfect for the whole family, as a treat, for a friend or just because you really bloody need some chocolate cake! 

We will be devouring this at the weekend and sharing it with some family so I will come back here and update you on their verdict too! If chocolate and orange isn't your thing, why not try Sukrin in a variety of different flavours, lemon, coconut, banana, anything you fancy! 

Visit their website for some inspiration and ideas, I for one cannot recommend their products enough, the cake mixes are amazing, the chocolate bars are literally heaven (and might even be my new favourite chocolate bar), that's saying a lot coming from a Cadbury's girl! We don't always have the time to bake a whole cake from scratch so this is perfect if that sounds like you!

Happy Easter, and don't forget to eat lots ;)


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