Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter | Market Day!

Happy Easter all!

Hope you've all had a good weekend enjoying lots of chocolate, hot cross buns and other yummy treats! I've eaten so much I don't want to look at another bar of chocolate ever again (or until Tuesday anyway). It's amazing how crappy food makes you feel crappy too, i'm actually looking forward to getting back into the healthy eating routine tomorrow!

We don't really do anything special at Easter just yet, it's just a nice chance for us to spend some quality time together and enjoy all the perks that Easter brings! Next year though we plan on having an Easter basket for Abbie and an easter egg hunt too, it was something I remember having every year so want to give those memories to Abbie too!

Yesterday we headed out for the afternoon to a pretty little village with a castle, where Abbie ran around and wore herself out, she loves being outside and exploring so it was perfect for her! I filmed a little bit which you can watch here if you're interested, subscribe too if you fancy ;)

This morning we headed off to an Artisan market which we do every so often, it's pretty much a posh boot sale for the most part with so much food made fresh in front of you too, such as burgers, roast potatoes, chilli, japanese food and even handmade spring rolls, so so yummy! There are even live bands playing, pizza kilns on the go and the usual stalls you'd find at any normal market, it's something I thoroughly enjoy going! I'm a little bit obsessed with all the vintage suitcases and funky 60's storage boxes, pulling myself away from it all is so bloody hard!

As always I took a load of photos, and even some videos which I'm editing as we speak so look out for that, i'm no professional but i'm really enjoying making them at the moment!

Enjoy :)

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  1. Oh my gosh this is my kind of market! Looks awesome. Love love love the dolls house and have just got recipe inspirations looking at all those yummy treats. Fab photos. Where is it?

  2. This looks like an amazing market- that dolls house is divine! xx

  3. WOW your photography is gorgeous Jess and this place looks amazing. I wish we had a market like this nearby, i love hunting around for little treasures, vintage pieces and homemade goodies! xxx
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