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Recipe | Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Happy Saturday!
Last week, I found a pretty yummy looking recipe online which I needed to try straight away! Combining two of my favourite things, cookies and oreo's, I figured how hard could it be? But these aren't just any regular Oreo cookies, oh no, they're Oreo Cheesecake Cookies! I'll admit, the idea of cream cheese in a sweet treat or dessert always makes me feel a bit weird, I love cheesecake but as soon as I remember it's actually made with cheese, it puts me off a little. But I decided as I had some free time, I would give it a good old bash!

The recipe I found said I needed an electric whisk, I don't have one, so I just used brute force and strength, and they came out just lovely so don't ever believe those recipes that tell you you NEED one, they're just being lazy ;)

Here's what you will need;

110g Cream Cheese (I used Philadelphia, the full fat one)
125g Plain Flour
90g Sugar (just the usual sugar you put in tea or coffee)
110g Unsalted Butter
12 x Oreos (I used the double stuff ones because they were on offer, but its up to you!)

Pop your oven on to 190 degrees

Add your cream cheese into a bowl and whisk/stir until softened

Now add in your butter and cream them both together, it doesn't have to look perfect, just do the best you can!

Now mix in your sugar and gradually add in your flour too, combine together until it looks something like this...

The people online said it should look soft and fluffy, mine looked more like scrambled egg, but hey, we work with what we've got..

Break up your oreos into whatever size you fancy (don't try cutting them, it takes bloody ages and makes a big mess...)

Next you need to pop some foil/cling film over the bowl and pop in the fridge for an hour (or best overnight)

Once chilled, roll them into 1 1/2 - 2 inch balls onto a baking tray, obviously make them smaller if you'd like more cookies or bigger if you want less, you could even just make one GIANT Oreo Cookie!! Yum! This batch made 11 cookies! Place them onto baking trays lined with baking sheets!

The recipe said they take 13-14 minutes, but I checked on mine after 10 and they looked like this, so a little overdone, I'd say they take about 8 minutes, but keep checking on them any way just to be sure, you want the edges to just be turning golden brown!

As you can see, the inside was creamy and moist (god I hate that word), but that's exactly how they were, the perfect texture for cookies, a little crisp on the outside but smooth in the centre, with an oreo piece in every bite and balanced perfectly with sugar and the cream cheese! A yummy, easy and quick recipe you can whip up in no time!

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