Friday, 26 June 2015

Review | Mamas & Papas Thorpe Mesh Dress

One of my favourite ever brands Mamas & Papas, have teamed up with Liberty London to bring out a stunning collection of children’s fashion, interiors and strollers with matching accessories in six different Liberty prints! The exclusive range from two great British brands combines the forward thinking trend-led style of Mamas & Papas with the British heritage of Liberty. 

The range offers luxury features, such as printed chest pads and leather handles for the strollers, as well as delicate detailing and distinctive printed lining through the rest of the range. Furthermore, everything in the range - from the strollers to the cushion, toys and even a vintage style rocking horse - proudly bears a Liberty logo. With gorgeous floral prints included and the finest quality materials, this range definitely has that edgy feel whilst keeping it modern and fresh!

Abbie was very kindly sent this beautiful Thorpe Mesh Dress from the collection and I can't quite get over just how stunning it is, with a pretty floral top and ballerina-esque skirt, it is the perfect dress for a birthday party or a lovely summer stroll! I paired the dress with some converse style shoes just to keep it a bit more casual, but some cute sandals or some tights and boots would work well for the cooler months too!

In terms of sizing, this is absolutely perfect, we ordered it in 2-3 years and it fits Abbie beautifully but still with a little room to grow before her 3rd Birthday! She can move around freely and be a normal toddler, be it climbing, running and even spinning around! (Abbie's personal favourite). 

I shall leave you with a few photos of the dress below, as well as a sneaky peek at some of the other items that will be available!

The entire collection will exclusively be available from the 7th September 2015!

A few of my favourite items are below, including our new favourite pushchair, the Armadillo Flip XT in the gorgeous new print too!

Thorpe Mesh Dress, from £45
Thorpe Mesh Skirt, from £25
Liberty Doll, £30
Emilia's Flower Cardigan, from £32
Liberty Cushions, £30
Liberty Rocking Horse, £130
Armadillo Flip XT Liberty Caesar, £559

Stockist details:, 0845 606 7772

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Recipe | 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles!

Hello all!
I am back with another super easy recipe for you today, I actually made these before holiday but didn't get the time to write up the post to share, so here it is for you!

You probablly all know my love for Oreo's, I would have them every single day if I could! I was scouring online for a easy recipe that didn't involve too many ingredients, and was pretty easy to do, and actually had forgotten i'd bookmarked this one a while back!

So if you like Oreo's, white chocolate and cheesecake, welcome to heaven!

*Makes around 20-30 truffles*

3 x Packets of Oreos (40 approx)
225g Cream Cheese
400g White choc 

1. Pop your oreos in a ziplock bag and beat them into crumbs with a rolling pin
A food processor would be much much easier but not essential

*pop some crumbs in a separate bowl for decorating later*

2. Add your cream cheese and fold everything together

*messy bit*
3. Roll the mixture in your hands into balls, its up to you what size you want, you could even make one giant Oreo truffle, mmmm! Make them as smooth as you can and place on a prepared baking tray

4. Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes

5. 2 minutes before you take them our the freezer, melt your white chocolate in a microwavable bowl, check every 30 seconds and stir, it should take about 2 minutes

6. Remove your truffles from the freezer & drop each one separately into the melted chocolate, remove with a fork and gently shake off any excess chocolate. Work as quickly as you can here to avoid the bowl of chocolate setting.

*if your bowl of chocolate does start to set, just pop in the microwave for about 15 seconds*

7. After each truffle is dipped in chocolate, instantly top with the leftover oreo crumbs from earlier, repeat this until all your truffles are dipped and decorated!

*don't make the mistake I did and dip all the truffles in chocolate first then add the sprinkles, because they will set and the sprinkles won't stick!*

These were one of the yummiest things i've ever eaten, they were indulgent, cakey, chocolatey and look so much harder to make than they actually are! Perfect to get the little ones involved with too, let them bash up the oreos, dip in the chocolate and decorate! You don't have to use white chocolate, milk and dark works just as well, and the possibilities are endless with toppings, we used some chocolate digestives on some too, or you could add colourful sprinkles, coconut or even a drizzle of caramel! Mmm!

I will be making these for my birthday next month as well as Abbie's! I can't bloody wait! :)



My Birthday Wishlist!

As today marks the first day of Summer, I can now say that my Birthday is next month, yay! I don't really do much on my birthday, after all, i'll be 24, it's not exactly a milestone!

I'm one of those people who never wants a fuss, I don't like being the centre of attention, so when it comes to Birthdays I don't ever ask for anything, people always ask but I just don't feel right about saying what I want, especially now i'm older, sure as a kid you can ask and it doesn't matter but i'd rather people saved their money! 

HOWEVER ;), this year I have had a good old think and there are actually some bits out there that I would love to own, it's called a "wish" list which means I am definitely not expecting them all, but a few from the list would be really lovely! So here goes, my birthday wish list!

Fujifilm Polaroid Camera
I can't even begin to tell you how much this camera would be used, there's just something about polaroids that I love, the camera itself is so adorable and having instant photos is always nice to have,  take your photo and there it is, perfect for scrapbooking, to pop on the fridge or to pop in cards and photo albums! I've heard the films are pretty expensive though so I might have to take it easy!

Millie's Cookies
I am probably the biggest Millie's Cookie's fan in the world, seriously, Abbie was bought one for her second birthday and from then on we have ordered them for Ben's Birthday and as a little treat too! They are easily the most delicious cookies you will ever try, I figured since Abbie and Ben have both had them for their birthday, I deserve one for mine ha ha, i'd much rather have one of these than a Birthday Cake any day! You can actually choose from Cupcakes, Box of Cookies, Giant Cookie and COOKIE CAKE, a bloody cookie cake!! heaven in a box right there! I won't be greedy, a giant cookie or two will do ;)

If there is something that really makes my day (more than food obviously), it's flowers, they're such a lovely touch and are so versatile to suit everyone's taste! I love bright flowers, sunflowers are my favourite, with colourful roses a close second, the more colourful the better! When Abbie was born we were sent so many bunches and the house looked so cosy and happy, they're definitely one of my favourite things!

God could I be any more boring? I have fallen in love with baking this year and as much fun as stirring all the ingredients together with a wooden spoon is (sense the sarcasm...), i'd love a mixer that can do it all for me, it whips up eggs and cream in no time and really gets the best texture for pastries and cakes, it would definitely help me out big time and save time too! Other baking gifts would also be greatly appreciated...I actually have a whole huge cupboard now for all my ingredients and dishes etc, we've even had to move the plates somewhere different just so I have enough room...

I'm also a bit partial to one of a kind sort of gifts, things you know have had a lot of thought put into them, such as luxury engraved gifts and personalised engraved gifts, something that you can keep forever and even pass down to someone else in the family! There are tons of other engraved gifts online, from lockets to watches and photo frames to beautiful earrings, something a little more special than the usual gifts!


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Review | Butlins Minehead - West Lake's Chalet

We have recently returned from our second and final (boo!) Butlins Amabassador trip! After an amazing time away last year at the lovely Bognor Regis resort, (review here and here) we were even more excited for this one to come along! We decided to go for one of the brand new Chalet's in Minehead for a 5 night break and booked into a lakeside one too for the gorgeous view! 

Upon arriving, we were directed to the car park to check in which is at the furthest point of the resort, perfect for us to have some peace and quiet away from The Pavillion!

The whole West Lakes Village is so gorgeous, lots of single and double storey chalet's, lots of lawn space for the little ones to run around on, as well as geese and ducks (friendly of course) and little staging areas which host little events for the kids a few times a day! So family friendly and really makes you feel like you're in a home away from home kinda place!

"Built around lakes and landscaped gardens, we’ve created a new chalet village at our Minehead resort in Somerset. Our brand new comfortable and cosy two, three and four-bedroom chalets are as loveable as they always were and, just as in Billy’s day, they’ll promise comfort and privacy in a place of colour and happiness."

Check-in is at 3pm but you are welcome to arrive beforehand and explore the resort! 
We were so excited to see what our chalet was going to look like, we'd seen a few sample images online but wanted to keep it a little surprise for when we arrived! We opened the front door and immediately there is storage for shoes and probably enough hooks for the whole of Minehead to hang their coats! Lots of space and a nice clean and airy feel straight away! The first door ahead of you is the living/kitchen/dining room, with high slanted ceilings, gorgeous modern furniture and finished to such a high standard!
Easily the nicest place i've ever stayed in!

The kitchen is so sleek and modern, with a monochrome colour scheme and everything you need for your holiday too, including a microwave, dishwasher, toaster, kettle, crockery and cutlery, electric hob and a good sized fridge too! Perfect if you're going self catering or just to store any snacks you bring with you too!

The little dining room is so lovely too, we made sure we ate together on the nights we weren't in the restaurants and at lunch time! Abbie instantly took a shine to the white one and that became HER chair for the whole trip :)

The Chalet had two bedrooms, one double room and one twin, both were bright, light and airy (definitely a theme around the entire chalet), with a gorgeous colour scheme of green, red and blue, with sail boat curtains and quite honestly, THE comfiest beds I have EVER slept on, the pillows are so fluffy and soft and the duvet is snuggly too! 

Both rooms have lots of storage, space to hang your clothes, with shelves, hangers, drawers and even space under the bed too! We asked for bed guards prior to arriving which were all attached when we got there too!

The main bathroom was perfect for the three of us, reasonably sized with everything you need, lots of storage again for all your toiletries and even towels moulded in snails, how sweet! There was a heated towel rail which was a lovely little touch, the only negative for me was there was only really enough hot water for one bath a day, and even then I didn't need to use the cold tap at all, it was the perfect temperature for Abbie!

The view from the Chalet was gorgeous, nothing but grass, trees, the lake and some other chalets, with Geese greeting you every morning, it really is the perfect view first thing when you wake up, we spent quite a bit of time on the veranda just relaxing and enjoying some quiet time in the evenings before bed! 

2 bedroom single level chalet (no chalet above or below)
Sleeps 4 guests
1 kingsize bedroom and 1 twin bedroom
Veranda overlooking the lake with protective safety glass guard
Open plan lounge area with family sofa, TV and DVD player
Open plan kitchen and dining area with dishwasher and microwave
Towels and toiletries
Early 3pm check-in
Dedicated reception team
(very helpful throughout our stay!)
Daily housekeeping

Overall the accommodation was incredible, everything we needed for the perfect week away, everything was clean, light, airy and cosy! We also asked to check out at 11am instead of 10am on the Friday because we wanted Abbie to have a longer sleep as she was poorly which was no problem at all with the staff! We have already been looking at planning a trip again next year, we can't wait to go back!

Keep an eye out for our other Butlins posts, including Food & Dining, Activities & our trip to the stunning beach too!


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