Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Birthday Wishlist!

As today marks the first day of Summer, I can now say that my Birthday is next month, yay! I don't really do much on my birthday, after all, i'll be 24, it's not exactly a milestone!

I'm one of those people who never wants a fuss, I don't like being the centre of attention, so when it comes to Birthdays I don't ever ask for anything, people always ask but I just don't feel right about saying what I want, especially now i'm older, sure as a kid you can ask and it doesn't matter but i'd rather people saved their money! 

HOWEVER ;), this year I have had a good old think and there are actually some bits out there that I would love to own, it's called a "wish" list which means I am definitely not expecting them all, but a few from the list would be really lovely! So here goes, my birthday wish list!

Fujifilm Polaroid Camera
I can't even begin to tell you how much this camera would be used, there's just something about polaroids that I love, the camera itself is so adorable and having instant photos is always nice to have,  take your photo and there it is, perfect for scrapbooking, to pop on the fridge or to pop in cards and photo albums! I've heard the films are pretty expensive though so I might have to take it easy!

Millie's Cookies
I am probably the biggest Millie's Cookie's fan in the world, seriously, Abbie was bought one for her second birthday and from then on we have ordered them for Ben's Birthday and as a little treat too! They are easily the most delicious cookies you will ever try, I figured since Abbie and Ben have both had them for their birthday, I deserve one for mine ha ha, i'd much rather have one of these than a Birthday Cake any day! You can actually choose from Cupcakes, Box of Cookies, Giant Cookie and COOKIE CAKE, a bloody cookie cake!! heaven in a box right there! I won't be greedy, a giant cookie or two will do ;)

If there is something that really makes my day (more than food obviously), it's flowers, they're such a lovely touch and are so versatile to suit everyone's taste! I love bright flowers, sunflowers are my favourite, with colourful roses a close second, the more colourful the better! When Abbie was born we were sent so many bunches and the house looked so cosy and happy, they're definitely one of my favourite things!

God could I be any more boring? I have fallen in love with baking this year and as much fun as stirring all the ingredients together with a wooden spoon is (sense the sarcasm...), i'd love a mixer that can do it all for me, it whips up eggs and cream in no time and really gets the best texture for pastries and cakes, it would definitely help me out big time and save time too! Other baking gifts would also be greatly appreciated...I actually have a whole huge cupboard now for all my ingredients and dishes etc, we've even had to move the plates somewhere different just so I have enough room...

I'm also a bit partial to one of a kind sort of gifts, things you know have had a lot of thought put into them, such as luxury engraved gifts and personalised engraved gifts, something that you can keep forever and even pass down to someone else in the family! There are tons of other engraved gifts online, from lockets to watches and photo frames to beautiful earrings, something a little more special than the usual gifts!


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