Thursday, 11 June 2015

Recipe | 3 Ingredient Oreo Truffles!

Hello all!
I am back with another super easy recipe for you today, I actually made these before holiday but didn't get the time to write up the post to share, so here it is for you!

You probablly all know my love for Oreo's, I would have them every single day if I could! I was scouring online for a easy recipe that didn't involve too many ingredients, and was pretty easy to do, and actually had forgotten i'd bookmarked this one a while back!

So if you like Oreo's, white chocolate and cheesecake, welcome to heaven!

*Makes around 20-30 truffles*

3 x Packets of Oreos (40 approx)
225g Cream Cheese
400g White choc 

1. Pop your oreos in a ziplock bag and beat them into crumbs with a rolling pin
A food processor would be much much easier but not essential

*pop some crumbs in a separate bowl for decorating later*

2. Add your cream cheese and fold everything together

*messy bit*
3. Roll the mixture in your hands into balls, its up to you what size you want, you could even make one giant Oreo truffle, mmmm! Make them as smooth as you can and place on a prepared baking tray

4. Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes

5. 2 minutes before you take them our the freezer, melt your white chocolate in a microwavable bowl, check every 30 seconds and stir, it should take about 2 minutes

6. Remove your truffles from the freezer & drop each one separately into the melted chocolate, remove with a fork and gently shake off any excess chocolate. Work as quickly as you can here to avoid the bowl of chocolate setting.

*if your bowl of chocolate does start to set, just pop in the microwave for about 15 seconds*

7. After each truffle is dipped in chocolate, instantly top with the leftover oreo crumbs from earlier, repeat this until all your truffles are dipped and decorated!

*don't make the mistake I did and dip all the truffles in chocolate first then add the sprinkles, because they will set and the sprinkles won't stick!*

These were one of the yummiest things i've ever eaten, they were indulgent, cakey, chocolatey and look so much harder to make than they actually are! Perfect to get the little ones involved with too, let them bash up the oreos, dip in the chocolate and decorate! You don't have to use white chocolate, milk and dark works just as well, and the possibilities are endless with toppings, we used some chocolate digestives on some too, or you could add colourful sprinkles, coconut or even a drizzle of caramel! Mmm!

I will be making these for my birthday next month as well as Abbie's! I can't bloody wait! :)



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  1. Oooo. Not sure I like the looks of these. I haven't had an Oreo for ages!!

  2. These truffles look amazing, like something you would buy in a luxury sweet shop and are very simple to make! My family loves Oreos so we will definitely be tying these closer to Christmas with some festive red sprinkles!xx

  3. I can't wait to try these! I love oreos and they're actually often on sale in the pound shop too! Bargain!

  4. Oh my this sounds incredible. I absolutely love oreos and I love truffles. I really need to try this. They look so delicious as well. xx

  5. I'm meant to be on a diet and all your food related posts always make me hungry haha! These look amazing, I think I'll have to try them! I found a Oreo traybake recipe that's super easy on Facebook the other day, Hoping to do a blog post of me trying it out, I'll let you know if I do! Xx

  6. These look amazing! I'll have to get hubby to make these. He loves to make chocolate truffles so he'll really appreciate a new recipe to try xx

  7. These look delicious!! I'm not a massive oreo fan but definitely have to try these some time. Thanks for the the recipe :) xx

  8. I NEED to make these this Christmas - FACT! WOW, they look delicious. I'm sue mine wouldn't turn out like yours though. Thanks for sharing. Xx

  9. I've seen a few of these recipes floating on Pinterest but never actually looked to see what was needed and after reading this I've got all the ingredients to make them!!! Yours look amazing xx

  10. These look delicious! I will have to give them a go! x

  11. Oh wow. These look delicious!!! xx

  12. Lovely photography! Oreos are my vice, can't get enough. These look divine!

  13. I love easy recipes. I'm getting hungry now. Lol I'm going to have try this at the weekend. Can't wait. Definitely something that will add to my recipe book.

  14. These look a like a great idea for a christmas present! homemade truffles presented in a pretty glass jar would be perfect! x

  15. These.look.AMAZING! So making these with the kids at some point! #Love2Blog


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