Tuesday, 1 December 2015

50 Things to do this christmas!

My favourite time of the year is approaching super fast, so i'd be lying if I said I wasn't already super duper excited! Growing up I really had the best Christmases and was always kept busy in the run up to it too, I was always far too excited as soon as December hit that I needed things to keep me occupied! There's a little quote out here somewhere that says "I thought the best thing about Christmas was being a kid, but it's actually having children". No longer am I bothered about presents for myself, it's all about Abbie and making it a magical experience for her, and I believe the older she gets, the more magical it becomes! 

This year is probably the first year she can get excited about everything properly, she already sings "We wish you a merry Christmas" and knows who Santa is too, although she doesn't care for opening presents still, I think this year we will keep the bigger presents unwrapped and on show when she comes downstairs, and the smaller ones wrapped up! With that being said, before the big day, we have lots of things we can get done to really get into the Christmas spirit, i've conjured up a list of 50 things you can do before then to help!

1. Leave Santa's footprints
2. Make a gingerbread house
3. Make a christmas eve box
4. Buy advent calendars
5. Make your own christmas cards
6. Go ice skating
7. Visit light switch on event
8. Make christmas cookies
9. Make hot chocolates
10. Visit Santa's grotto

11. Watch Christmas movies
12. Have a chocolate coin hunt around the house
13. Have a karaoke night with Christmas songs
14. Read Christmas stories
15. Drive around and see all the Christmas lights
16. Make snow angels (if it snows, obviously)
17. Have an indoor picnic
18. Create a den indoors
19. Buy some new Christmas pyjamas
20. Make ornaments for the tree

21. Donate boxes of toys
22. Make a snow globe
23. Take family photos by the tree
24. Go for a winter walk
25. Watch The Nativity
26. Visit nursing homes and sing carols
27. Make paper snowflakes
28. Make puppets
29. Play board games
30. Make santa bubble beards in the bath

31. Dress up with the little ones
32. Make paper chains
33. Make mince pies
34. Take a photo every day from 1st December
35. Visit a Christmas market
36. Make New Year's resolutions
37. Take part in Secret Santa
38. Make Christmas Bunting
39. Make up a lucky dip game
40. Create Christmas flash cards

41. Make up a dance to a Christmas Song
42. Go and see a Christmas play at the theatre
43. Take bokeh photos of your Christmas tree lights
44. Make some Christmassy vlogs, putting up the tree, unwrapping presents etc
45. Visit Santa!
46. Meet some Reindeer
47. Make Christmas wish lists
48. Make your own fake snow
49. Play games together, Heads Up is one of our favourites!
50. Make a massive bed in the living room, snuggle up, watch Christmas movies and eat lots!

What are your family traditions?

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