Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Years Resolutions - 2016

Say YES more
This applies to a lot of things, in life and in blogging. I'm so fed up of my anxiety stopping me from doing things, so this year my main priority is to combat that!  I want to do more things, with Abbie in general. Travel further afield, go away for a few days to stay with family, go to the beach, i've actually created a bucket list for us to do this year and i'm hoping to complete all 50 of them!

Pass my driving test
I've been wanting to drive for so long now, but it would really open up a new chapter for me, being able to take Abbie places, without having to rely on other people. It would mean we can both get out more which would benefit both Abbie and myself. I always pictured having Mother Daughter days with her, travelling out to the mall and having a cake and hot chocolate together before looking round some shops, now she's getting older it's definitely something she might start enjoying! I'm super motivated to get in the driving lessons and taking my test as soon as I can!

Go abroad
I want to take Abbie over to see some family in another country this year, which means my anxiety will really be pushed to the test, a busy airport, a super active 3 year old, a plane journey, waiting around, time changes, change in routine and different weather! But then I think about the whole positive side, Abbie exploring a different country, culture, people and the whole experience in general. I travelled a lot as a kid and really loved it all, playing on the beach, visiting new places and plane journeys! We will also create scrapbooks of things she finds on her way around, shells, stones, even little receipts and things during the holiday, I have so many memory boxes upstairs full of memories growing up, so hopefully Abbie will get into it too :)

Get Fit
My resolution in 2014 was to lose weight, I lost a whole 36lbs and have been maintaining that since, i've wavered around the 9 stone mark and have been super proud of keeping on top of it all! But for this year I am focusing on keeping fit, I will be starting the Kayla Itsines BBG, I'm not usually one to follow trends like those but the results i've seen on Instagram and online have been amazing. My figure isn't it's best, in fact it's far from it, i'm not insecure about it as such but I would love to be able to wear a bikini or at least look good in a swimsuit! I'm yet to see a transformation on someone with a body that looks like mine, so I can't wait to see exactly how it'll change. 

I'm not looking for a perfect body, because I know it's never going to happen for me, but I know I can look a hell of a lot better, as the saying goes "Strive for progress, not perfection", having spent my whole teenage life doing just the opposite, despite having a bloody good figure, and suffering from eating disorders. I'm now set on improving and increasing my confidence! 

Be a Better Person
I know this is a bit of a cliche, but it's something I really want to emphasise, i'm not a horrible person or anything, but there are things I need to change and things I need to work on. As a Mother I always want to be better, and sometimes I'm just not the best I should be, and whilst it's ok to have off days, I want to just practice having things like, more patience, more play time together and taking my first point above, doing more things with her! I also want to become 'Jess' again, just a little bit. I'm very much a Mother and it's my favourite thing in the world, but I have realised I have forgotten about myself in the process. My plan is to see friends more, and try and get some of my life before Abbie back. She is always my number 1 priority but after over 3 years, I'd like to find myself again! 

Happy New Year :)


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  1. They are really great resolutions. I haven't learnt to drive yet so there aren't many places Rowan and I can go to during the week whilst my partner's at work. We don't have family nearby and my friends work during the week. Good luck with it all and happy New Year.x

  2. These are really great resolutions. I love the one be a better person. It encompasses so many different things. I'd also like to go abroad this year if I can get well enough. Angela x

  3. I think these are lovely resolutions, especially with the going out more and creating memories. Trips don't have to be big to be special, or to create memories. Good luck with your driving test x

  4. These are really thoughtful resolutions/goals. I wish you all the best for 2016!

  5. How have I never read your blog before? It's like reading about myself. My anxiety is exactly at the same level and I am so bad for taking Matthew to places. It's always his dad bringing him everywhere. Anxiety always wins. I'm trying to fight it this year. It's my goal. Hard but I'm trying my best. I also plan to go on more trips. Hubby will be coming too but even leaving the house with the 2 is an achievement. I've never left the house with the 2.

  6. Fab resolutions, I have the BBG plan too, the results look amazing don't they! How did you lose 36lbs? Just changing your diet? x

  7. Good luck with your resolutions! Especially learning to drive. I was late to learning, but now can't imagine not being able to do it. Especially with having children!

  8. I love that all these resolutions have reason and depth to them rather than just an endless list! I hope you achieve all of them, good luck! X

  9. Good luck - it sounds like you've set yourself some fab targets.

  10. Ooh I'm having a yes year too - I'm determined to broaden our horizons and jump out of the comfort zone. Good luck with the driving - I love the freedom it allows me and travel happily all over the country now x

  11. Great resolutions. Very ambitious and attainable. Wish you all the best!!

  12. These are near enough all of mine, especially the driving test one! I have just had to re-new my learners license as I have had it for 10 years and still not passed!! My aim is to be driving by september so I can pick Darcie up from School without any issues of having to rely on others. Can't wait for the new found freedom!

    We can do this!! xxx

  13. A great list. Good luck and happy new year. Hope you achieve all your goals x


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