Saturday, 16 April 2016


You might've noticed i've been a bit quiet on the blogging front for the past few months, so thought I would write this post to explain what's been going on. This is something I never thought I'd have to go through, I thought once I had my family, i'd have it like that forever. Separation was never on the cards.

It wasn't a sudden thing, we both knew deep down it wasn't working quite a while ago, but like any family, we tried, really bloody hard, we changed certain things and we did what we could. We tried for the sake of Abbie, adamant splitting up wasn't an option, but after a while it became more of a chore, we both realised that we really weren't setting a great example for Abbie, is this what we want her to think a relationship is suppose to be like?

We have been together for 7 years, and my god have we been through a lot together! But as we got older, we both changed and grew apart, we are different people to who we used to be and trying to force the relationship just wasn't going to work anymore. Of course we were both very sad and it wasn't an easy decision to make in the slightest, but it really is the right one for us.

We have waited quite a while before we told anyone, there was lots to sort out and talk about so we've been dealing with all that for the past month. We are already getting on a lot better and can both now live the lives we want, without the pressure of forcing the relationship anymore. 

Now we will focus all of our love and energy onto Abbie, our main aim is for her to be the happiest she can be, she is our main priority and we are going to co parent and make it as easy for her as possible!

We are still very good friends, we care about each other very much and love and respect each other. There is no hate or resentment either and we still plan to have days out as a family, go on holidays and celebrate the holidays together. Things are more than amicable and we just want the best for each other and for Abbie now :)

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