Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Twenty Five.

I'm not just saying this, but I think it's actually law now, where if your birthday falls on a Friday, you are entitled to celebrate it for the entire weekend, possibly even Monday AND the Thursday if you want to be really greedy, which is exactly what I did!

So with that in mind, I had a super busy and fun weekend to celebrate my (ugh don't want to say it...) 25th Birthday. Every year I tend to not want any fuss or anything big happen, but this year things feel different, for one, i'm actually socialising again, I know, i'm being serious. Two, the sun actually came out for the entire time so had to take advantage of that, I might have moaned a few times that it was too hot but there we go..and three, I'm now 25, from now on I really am an adult, a proper one this time, not just a young adult. When I was younger and I knew someone was 25, I would think wow, I can't wait till I'm a grown up, they can do whatever the hell they want...Oh childhood innocence. 

I pretty much just ate this weekend, spent it with some awesome people and got very little sleep. But it was the best birthday i've ever for a while, so thanks to everyone who made it so fab for me!

As tradition, I headed off to Longleat on my actual Birthday, typically it did rain a little in the morning but completely dried off by the time we got there. Abbie actually got involved in the safari part this time, giggling at the monkeys and not moaning until the very end, bonus. 

Here are a selection of photos from the past 5 days, as I mentioned above, mostly food, but also mostly out and about too, which compared to my life last year, is completely different..

Hope you all have a great week :)

Yesterday I headed off to my favourite little cafe in Bath, The Green Rocket, you might've seen a few posts ago that I went on and on about how amazing it was, and this visit was no exception. The roast dinner was once again flawless, and I even demolished a vegan flapjack too, which by the way was THE BEST flapjack I have ever had, gonna need to try and recreate the recipe I think! The plan was to have ice cream but my eyes were too big for my belly and I probably would've exploded if I would've stuffed anything else down my gob.

So a little retail therapy did the job instead, a stop in LUSH, Primark, Boots, Superdrug and a few other places too, I do love Birthday money, means you shouldn't feel guilty about buying yourself new things...I say shouldn't, because I still did. I can easily spend money on Abbie but anything for me and I can never justify it..i'm sure it's a parent thing though, I certainly had no problems before she existed..

Bath is one of my favourite places, it's so beautiful and picturesque, there's always things going on and now I have found my new favourite cafe, I think i'm gonna find myself there a lot more...Oh and also, I WORE A DRESS, if you know me well, you'll know that's a rarity, I'm one of those awkward people who constantly plays with their outfit and pulls on it all the time. But it was far too hot to wear my usual jeans and t-shirt so I just went for it, wasn't too scary actually ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday messages too, I had a wonderful few days, kinda looking forward to the next one too now ;)


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  2. Great post. I love the photos and your daughters wellingtons. It sounds like a fab birthday and lovely you got to celebrate it over a few days. The food looks yummy too. Angela from Daysinbed

  3. Glad you had a lovely birthday and I always drag mine out as long as possible. Sometimes over a week lol. The pictures from longeat are gorgeous x

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