Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Random One

Hello all and Happy Thursday!
I thought i'd just write up a little update here of my goings on recently...
Firs of all, I have an exciting photoshoot booked in for next week, so the last few weeks have been all about planning and preparing for it, on Wednesday I headed over to Regent's in Salisbury with the shoots organiser Laura for one of our models fittings. The clothing in here is just exquisite, and that's really not a word I throw around lightly, I even said if I was a man i'd want to shop in there for my whole wardrobe 🙈

The shop reaches up 3 floors high, including womenswear and all the accessories you would ever need, they're even cool enough to be having their own bar installed! After having a good idea in our minds of what we wanted, plus trying on a couple of different bits and pieces, we found the perfect outfit and now I'm even more excited for next week to come around! As soon as I can, I will be sharing photos on here, but for now here are a few shots from the shop itself!

A few months ago I started the process of going blonde, something i've wanted to do for YEARS, I actually think I wrote it in my 15 facts about me post, so I guess I can cross that off now! I decided to go for a balayage after watching far too many youtube videos, reading so many blog posts and spending more than enough time looking through inspiration on Pinterest! I couldn't believe how light it became after just one session, I think it really helped based on my hair hasn't been dyed before. So earlier this month I went back for my second go, and my goodness did the bleach take to my hair well again! So below I leave you with a couple of photos before and after!

I then headed over to a friends house for the day, I swear she has the most Instagram worthy living I've ever seen, how awesome are her shelves? I love random little decor items like these!
We grabbed some lunch from the local health food store, a delicious vegan sandwich followed by a vegan rocky road slice *drools*

She also introduced me to the chocolate bar Vego, have you tried it? I'll be honest, the name put me off a little bit, why can't they name it something less obviously vegan? 🙈 Let me tell you, this bar is a LIFE CHANGER, I haven't eaten milk chocolate for a long time but if you're transitioning to Vegan or just want to try something new, imagine smashing together Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, and I bring you Vego, it is just dreamy, I came home and instantly ordered a bunch and even popped out earlier to grab some more 🙈

On another day I headed over to Devon to see my Sister and her family, and met my gorgeous 3 week old nephew for the first time too! You kinda forget how tiny babies are until you meet a brand new one again don't you? I remember when I was younger and someone would ask if I wanted to hold their baby, I became one of those memes of someone instantly panicking..but I think after having your own you quickly learn, then you just never lose that touch! So I got lots of cuddles, and also got to catch up with everyone again! Oh and as a side note, M&S do Vegan sandwiches, which are AMAZING, I know thats a little boring but it's worth a mention! 😜

Another super exciting event happened, I now have 2 new lenses to add to the family! For so long i've been researching for some new ones to play around with, and really needed some with a good wide aperture for indoor shots, so went with the 20mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.8, i've already taken far too many test shots but holy crap are they incredible, I could write paragraphs about them but maybe i'll just write up a review after my shoot! I'll leave you with those for now, and I will be back for another update very soon! Jess x

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