I'm Jess, a 25 year old Photographer from the UK, I am also a Mother to a beautiful little girl called Abbie, who happens to be my world. I am a lover of travelling, exploring the world, taking photos, eating, blogging and binge watching TV shows when I get the chance. I am a pretty creative person, I could spend all day editing if I had enough free time..

A little history on the blog.
Back in January 2012, this blog started off as Our Baby Blog, a place for me to write about my pregnancy and life as a Mother, it grew into so much more than that and gave me so many incredible opportunities, it was my place to write, express and to share myself with others, and for 5 years I really put everything into it.

But the time came for BIG change, a rebrand. So here I am, with The Lifestyle Lens, a place for me to write about anything I wish, a fresh start, a more relaxed approach and a whole new chapter for myself.

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Mother & Baby Magazine
Primark Online
Butlins Magazine

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  1. Hi Jess! I am so glad to "meet" you. I appreciate the candidness of your blogging style. It feels as though we are having a chat. Best to you and yours!


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